Gulab Jamun  USA
Product Details: #637304 | 8/2.2 lb

Sweetness is an Art

In India, making sweets is a refined and respected form of art. Part of this tradition includes making Gulab Jamun, one of India’s most popular desserts. These dessert dumplings are tiny fried delights, coated in a traditional rosewater syrup while still warm. 
Gulab is Persian for “rose” and Jamun is the Hindi name of a deep violet South Asian berry similar in size, shape and color to the dessert. First made in Persia, this ancient delicacy was brought to India in the early 16th century during the rise of the Mughal Empire.  Gulab Jamuns are prepared by boiling milk for reduction then thickening it with flour.  After rolling the mixture into balls and frying them, each light and airy dumpling is soaked in the sticky, sweet syrup.
With an intoxicating fragrance matched by a sophisticatedly sweet, milky taste, Gulab Jamun is an enchanting balance of sensations for the senses.
Application: The favored dessert for India’s festivals and weddings but truly a staple at any gathering, Gulab Jamuns are wonderful warm or at room temperature, by themselves or topped with fresh cream or vanilla ice cream and are always addictive.
Balsamic Glaze "Balmi" by Toschi  ITALY
Product Details: #053540 | 6/13.8 oz

Perfect pairings

Toschi created Balmi Glaze with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena to enhance any dish, from starters to desserts, with exceptional, complex flavor. While retaining the traditional and unmistakable taste of Modena’s famous Balsamic Vinegar, Balmi Glaze is a new, unique sauce that combines convenience and innovation.
Toschi Balmi Glaze is an exciting alternative to condiments like mayonnaise and ketchup and goes well beyond usual uses.  Added directly and easily to food, just a small amount of this thick, robust, tangy, sweet, savory glaze gives an extraordinary extra dimension to grilled meat, roasts, hamburgers, ham, fish (prepared any way), chicken, French fries, raw or cooked vegetables, fruit, cheese, vanilla ice cream, panna cotta and even Gulab Jamun.

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