Gratin Bleu by Rosso ITALY
Product Details: #054015 | 2/5.5 lb

Unmasking Great Piedmont Bleu

Since 1894, the Rosso family has been making exceptional cheeses that reflect the unique traditions of northern Italy’s alpine Biellese valleys. For all their specialty cheeses, Pier Luigi Rosso Dairy uses only the freshest, highest quality milk from the two regionally indigenous cattle breeds: \"Pezzata Rossa d\'Oropa\" (Red dappled) and \"Bruno Alpina,\" that graze indulgently on the lush, unspoiled, high altitude pasturelands.
Rosso Gratin Bleu is made from whole cow’s milk and acquires its beautiful veining from Penicillium Roquefort. Once formed, each wheel is placed on sliver fir-wood boards in underground cellars and turned and massaged every week during maturation. After 60 days, Gratin Bleu acquires an exquisite taste: initially sweet, that gives delightful way to a lingering spicy sharpness. Semi-soft, Gratin Bleu has a compact, crumbly interior that is creamier near the inedible, gray/brown rind.
About 30 years ago, Caseificio Pier Luigi Rosso adopted the symbol of the “Gipin” (Biella’s carnival mask) as their symbol, to emphasize the dairy’s commitment to upholding the culture and traditions of their distinctive providence. 

Application: Primarily Gratin Bleu is known as a refined table cheese, but adds delicious depth to salads, dressings, dips, stuffed chicken or pork, gourmet burgers or in any recipe calling for a robust blue taste.

Pairing: Full-bodied rich red wines in general pair well, but a special cheese deserves a special wine. An aged Barbaresco from the Piedmont region is an excellent choice.
Pear Mostarda by Lazzaris ITALY
 Product Details: #053890 12/120g

Perfect pairings

According to legend, mostarda was first conceived during the middle ages when a slice of melon fell into a spice seller’s barrel of honey.  Discovered a good stretch of time later, the melon was still absolutely delightful, with a perfectly preserved sweet, fresh taste.
Lazzaris started making their outstanding traditional mostarda a little over a century ago and their award-winning, sweet and spicy delicacies continue to dazzle taste-buds all over the world, generation after generation.
The combination of high quality fruit puree with mustard oil creates a fragrant mixture with a granular texture, which leaves room for imagination and combinations for use in both accompaniment and cooking applications. Serve with crackers and your favorite cheeses or pair with chicken, beef or pork to create a spicy and sweet dish! 

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