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Double Gold for Delamere  
Delamere Dairy, is delighted to have won two gold awards at the British Cheese Awards, and the trophy for overall Best Modern British Cheese for its ‘cheddar-style’ medium goat cheese.  

Delamere Dairy was established over 30 year’s ago by dairy farmers Liz & Roger Sutton. They named their now award-winning dairy after the local Delamere Forest in the U.K. where their goats grazed. 

Medium Goat Cheese
Delamere Dairy
This smooth and tasty goat cheese is matured for between four and six months to give it a pronounced flavor. It can be used in just the same way as you would use a cheddar cheese, simply on crackers, in sandwiches, sauces and in all your favorite recipes. It makes a mouthwatering good cheese on toast!
ITEM # 200446
Packaging: 12/5.3 oz
Country: England
Brand: Delamere Dairy
Type: Goat
Milk Type: Goat
This award winning cheese is so versatile. It can be mixed into salads, frittatas, risottos and used as topping for pizza. 

A party classic with a goat cheese twist

Delamere Dairy's medium goat cheese & pineapple sticks. 

What you'll need

  • Cocktail sticks (as many as you want to make)
  • Delamere Dairy's medium goat cheese, cut into cubes
  • Fresh pineapple, peeled and cut into 2cm cubes

How to make it...

Place a cube of cheese on a stick followed by a cube of pineapple and a further cube of cheese.

Delamere Dairy Goat Butter

Made from 100% goat’s milk, Delamere Dairy's Goat Butter is deliciously enjoyable for those who are looking to add something new and special to a bread basket. It’s soft yellow color is complemented with a smooth, creamy texture and sweet, slightly tangy taste. Goat butter can be used in just the same way as you would use ordinary butter, spread on toast, melted in a baked potato or as a cooking ingredient.
Item # 204808 
10/8.8 oz

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