Pecorino Fresco con Pepe Nero by Zappala ITALY
Product Details: #054061 | 1/16 LB - 054062 | 1/22 LB

Trinacrian Cheese

Trinacria is the mysterious, ancient name for Sicily and the symbol on the Sicilian flag: a Gorgon head centered on a spiral of three legs, bent at the knee, which represent Sicily’s three promontories.
From Zappala’s 1973 small company origins on the slopes of Mount Etna to it’s current standing as a national dairy industry leader with state-of-the-art facilities in the Sicily’s Western and Southern provinces of Caltanissetta and Ragusa, it is not a mystery why Zappala has become a symbol for Sicilian cheese-making traditions. Preserving the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean’s biggest island is at the forefront of Zappala’s philosophy, seamlessly merged with present day environmental and technological advances.
Pecorino Fresco con Pepe Nero (young sheep’s milk cheese with black pepper) is a classic Sicilian cheese made exclusively with milk delivered daily from Sicilian farms. This Southern Italian cheese is a beautifully balanced triumvirate of savory, sweet and spicy sensations. Semi-firm in texture, the paste has a delicate golden hue and is studded with contrasting black peppercorns for a distinctive presentation, taste and aroma.
Zappala’s Pecorino Fresco con Pepe Nero is the genuine and delicious taste of Sicily’s still untouched and pristine ancient landscape within Sicily’s modern, high quality control standards.
Application: A wonderful table cheese, Pecorino with Black Pepper also has a wide range of uses from pasta, polenta, gnocchi and risotto dishes to salads, soups and stews. It is also wonderful in egg dishes and mac and cheese.
Pairing: Pairing:  The signature red wine of Sicily, Nero d'Avola, is the perfect accompaniment.  Pecorino Fresco con Pepe Nero plays perfectly with the wine’s spicy and peppery notes.  
Speck Alto Adige by Recla ITALY
Product Details: #050087 | 4/1.5 LB

Perfect pairings

Speck is a protected, specialty bacon produced solely in the Alto Adige region of northern Italy.  Based on ancient traditions that can be traced back to 1200 AD, Speck is the result of an inimitable mix of Mediterranean and northern European influences that converge in the geographically unique Alpine climate of the Alto Adige.

The Recla family has been making traditional pork products since 1620 and was the first Italian company granted permission by the U.S. government to export Speck Alto Adige to America. Recla follows the unofficial Speck production rule of “a little salt, a little smoke and lots of fresh air,” but officially is very serious about creating the highest quality Speck possible.   

Starting with very carefully selected lean, firm, traditionally trimmed thighs from pigs raised on farms renowned for their quality controls, Recla then seasons the meat with a secret family blend of salts and other spices.  The 22 to 24 week dry curing maturation process requires an abundance of patience and artisanal expertise. Lightly smoking the pork with beech wood, and exposing it to the complexities of the region’s particular clean, fresh mountain air aids in the development of the distinctively mild, delicate flavor and incredible tenderness that defines authentic Speck Alto Adige.

With no additional cooking required when preparing Speck, it can simply be brought to room temperature, sliced and enjoyed, with or without the spiced crust trimmed away.  Speck can also be incorporated into polenta, pasta, rice and any other grain-based dishes, as well as used to add savory flavor to sauces, soups, salads, quiches and other egg dishes.  Speck is delicious wrapped around soft goat’s milk cheese or honeydew melon. 


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