Chimay Beer and Chimay Classic Minis BELGIUM
Product Details: Beer  #193038  | 6/11 oz   |   Classic  #193701 | 6/11.3 oz

Doing Adorable Right
Being extremely cute will only get a cheese so far.  But beyond the eye-catching diminutive appearance and delightful compact ease of portioning and entertaining, Chimay’s Mini Grand Classique and Mini à la Bière (with Beer) deliver all the delicious hallmarks of authentic Chimay Trappist cheeses within their charming petite forms.

Trappist Monks from Belgium’s lush countryside have been making the sweet, creamy and mildly tangy, semi-soft cheese, today known as Chimay Grand Classique, since 1876.  Just like their big Classique brothers, Chimay Grand Classique Minis start with pure, local, antibiotic-free milk, and follow time-honored Trappist cheesemaking traditions.  After four weeks of maturation within the ancient vaulted walls of Scourmont Abbey, the minis achieve Chimay’s signature natural rind and appealing fresh milky aroma.
Already the most popular Chimay cheese in America, the Mini Chimay à la Bière version only increases admiration.  The Minis are, of course, washed with Chimay’s famous beer to form its sticky, natural rind, but Chimay beer is actually also an ingredient in the cheese, adding a hint of bitterness from the hops and malt to the unique, dense apricot-peach taste and aroma of the paste.  
Application: Fruity and intense, Mini Le Chimay à la Bière is a distinctive addition to any cheeseboard and makes a great flambé.  Mini Chimay Grand Classique’s unique characteristics are also perfect for entertaining or will improve a breadth of both hot and cold recipes, especially a classic grilled ham and cheese sandwich. 
Pairing: The Minis pair beautifully with any Chimay beer, but a cold Chimay Red Cap can be singled out as a the ideal choice for Grand Classique.
Barbero Breadsticks ITALY
Product Details: #059657 | 240/.42 oz

Perfect pairings

Styled after the famous Italian “turinesi” breadsticks that originated from the city of Turin, Barbero crispy, full-flavored breadsticks are made with all-natural ingredients such as high-quality wheat flour and extra-virgin olive oil.   Traditionally served with appetizers or antipasto, these fragrant, golden breadsticks are made from a recipe designed to not satiate one’s appetite for the rest of the meal.   They make a great accompaniment for wine and breaking their delicate, extra-pencil thin form into smaller sticks is unusually enjoyable.

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