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Its Spring Time 
This is the season for lighter, milder fresh cheeses that work wonders on a cheese platter, in a salad or even in a dessert. Our dairy producing friends are indulging on fresh grass and wildflowers, which in turn produce a herbaceous, floral, rich tasting milk reflected in two of our best spring cheeses. 
Famously GoodTM...
Celebrity® Goat Cheese, Plain
Made with 100% pure goat’s milk, this cheese is both creamy and fresh while boasting a mild, tangy flavor. Served deliciously spreadable or cool and crumbled, our plain goat cheese has a clean finish you’re sure to enjoy.
ITEM # 063072 and 063022
Packaging: 12/4.5oz. and 6/10.5oz.
Country: CANADA 
Milk Type: Goat
Place on a crostini with caramelized onion or mix with pan roasted tomatoes and bow tie pasta for a quick weeknight meal.
A perfect pairing...  
MENU Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar Sauce
Dalmatia Fig Spread 
Named after Croatia's spectacular coastal region, the Dalmatia line of distinctive sweet and savory spreads is crafted from the best ingredients, sourced from Central and Southern Dalmatia, Northern and Eastern Croatia, and other Mediterranean and Balkan countries such as Macedonia and Serbia. This sweet fig spread pairs perfectly with cheeses and baked goods, and is a wonderful addition to any charcuterie or antipasto plate.
# 487360 12/8.5 oz.
A Fresh Italian Cheese 
Mascarpone, Gelmini

Known as a fresh Italian cheese from Lombardy, Mascarpone is actually made by thickening heavy cream with citric acid and draining it in cheesecloth rather than using a starter culture or rennet to separate curds and whey. It is often likened to American cream cheese, but velvety smooth Mascarpone is richer in texture and has a sweeter and subtler flavor.

# 054676      6/17.5oz
# 054677      12/250g 
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