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We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of cheeses from the mountains of Switzerland
Summer is finally drawing to a close, and we’re SO ready. Ready for falling leaves, cool sunny days and crisp nights or for humming a Carly Simon tune while we wait for autumn to finally arrive. While a change in weather will certainly be grand, what we’re most eagerly anticipating is the arrival of cheeses from the mountains of Switzerland. These are three of our favorites—one’s a classic, and two are relative newcomers—all guaranteed to please from Mifroma!
Switzerland's first AOP status cheese
L’Etivaz AOP Private Collection 
The origin of L’Etivaz reaches back to the 12th century in the lush Pays d’Enhaut of Switzerland’s Vaud canton. The very first cheese from Switzerland to garner the coveted AOP status, L’Etivaz can be produced only between May 10th and October 10th of each year. During these few months, 72 families move their herds up and then back down the mountains, stopping along the way to make cheese in the 130 chalets that are situated at altitudes between 3,000 and 6,000 feet.

Mifroma’s L’Etivaz AOP Private Collection is a singular cheese, stunning in its expression of the luxurious grasses, flowers, and herbs of the Alps. It is a true Alpkäse, made only during transhumance on Alp Grand Ayerne at an elevation of 4,500 feet above sea level. In a chalet built in the year 1900, René-Maurice Lenoir hand-crafts this L’Etivaz from the raw milk of 68 cows that graze a stone’s throw away.

L’Etivaz is complex in aroma, taste, and texture. Every mouthful is a taste of the alpine meadows—clean, fresh and crisp as well as rich and aromatic.
ITEM # 030746
Packaging: 1/16 lb (1/4)
Type: Hard 
Milk Type: Raw cow
Pairing: Try a bone-dry Alsace Riesling or an earthy Pinot Noir. For beer, go light with a citrusy saison or toasty with an oatmeal stout.

Application: A cheese this remarkable should be allowed to shine. Let L’Etivaz star on a cheese board with grapes, sliced apples, and a few toasted hazelnuts alongside; or use it as the crowning touch on your favorite French onion soup recipe. 

A rich & aromatic cheese
MENU Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar Sauce
Le Bon du Jura, Mifroma 
What happens when simply perfect milk lands in the cauldrons of passionate craftsmen? An excellent cheese is born! It took nearly two years of tinkering with both recipes and aging before Fromagerie des Reussilles finally scored with the gorgeous Le Bon du Jura. 

This hard cheese is made from raw cows’ milk delivered daily by a dozen farmers spread throughout the Ajoye, the beautiful region literally in the backyard of the creamery. The rolling hills of the Bernese Jura are famous for lush grass and ubiquitous pine trees, which are reflected in this rich and aromatic cheese. This is cheese with character, with a bite and soft edges at the same time. Aromas of hay and sweet cream lead to flavor notes of hazelnut and caramel with a long round balanced finish. Le Bon Jura’s reddish-brown rind comes from the repeated washings during its 8-month maturation. Encased inside the rind is a firm, smooth, ivory-colored paste with a smattering of small eyes.

An enticing table cheese, it pairs easily with wine and beer; and its great melting quality makes Le Bon Jura perfect for fondues, gratins, and griddled sandwiches.

Item: 030753       Packaging:  1/15.4 lb

Hop on Top
Entlebuch, a vast area, located between the city of Luzern and the Emmental region, is well-known not only for its cheeses but also for the production of grains and beer. Franz Renggli, a cheese artisan, and the folks at the local brewery worked together to develop cheese that combines the creaminess typical of Renggli’s style with the robust, earthy flavors of beer.

Using beer to refine the cheese and five months of this noble affinage turns Hop on Top into a mighty fine cheese. Renggli doesn’t stop there! He coats the wheels with the dried and ground hops left at the bottom of the beer barrel, turning the exterior of the cheeses dark and coarse with a big nose of grain.

The ultimate choice for cheese and beer pairing, try Hop on Top with a lighter American Pale Ale or a medium-bodied brown porter.

Item: 053752      Packaging:  1/10 lb

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