Feta by Real Greek


Product Details: #183019 | 12/7 oz

From Greece with Love!

The Ancient Greeks hold a rich history as pioneers of western civilization. We credit them for the invention of the alphabet, map, and even, democracy. Among the many Greek contributions adopted stateside, we’re just now discovering Greece’s most evolved and perfected indulgence—authentic Feta.

So, here is the stunning fact, most Americans have never tasted the Zeus of Feta—Real Greek Feta. In fact, only 2% of fetas consumed stateside actually hail from Greece her- self. As the Greek artisans intended, we continue to use the original, thousands of years old recipe and source strictly from shepherds in the Greek regions to impart a unique creamy, tangy flavor unparalleled to ones made elsewhere.
Application: Enjoy Real Greek Feta on salads, atop pasta, or alongside olives and rediscover Feta for the first time.
Pairing: A light Beaujolais or a classic American IPA are wonderful Feta pairs.
Vialone Nano by Campanini ITALY
 Product Details: #H1730B | 12/1 lb

Perfect pairing!

For three generations, the Campanini family has produced superior Italian rice in a small riseria under the strict supervision of the family. Campanini carefully selects rice from the the best lands and growers in the Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna regions.

The traditional rice of Mantua and Veneto, Vialone Nano has a round, short grain with a central wide pearl. It can absorb twice it’s own grain weight in liquid and for this reason it is the ideal rice for creamy risotto with vegetables, mushrooms and meats.

Cooking time is about 15 minutes.

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