Montanara Peperoncino & Elle Erbe by Rosso ITALY
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The Mountain Comes to You

For four generations the Rosso family has passed down the unique, traditional cheese-making methods of Italy’s Biellese valleys and has become especially known for making superb, regionally specific cow’s milk Tomas like Montanara.
The soft, delicate flavors of Pier Luigi Rosso Toma Montanara (Italian for “mountain”) are joined with Peperoncino (chili pepper) for an alluring peppery flare or with Erbe (herbs) for an aromatic breath of fennel and coriander seeds.
Each Montanara starts with fresh whole milk from the indigenous Pezzata Rossa d'Oropaand and Bruno Alpina breeds of cattle that graze the verdant, alpine pasturelands. The cheeses are then infused with either chili peppers or herbs and aged from 30 to 90 days in underground cellars on white pine shelves. The longer the maturation means the more intense the flavors. Both Montanara Tomas develop a grey/brown, inedible rind that protects the semi-soft, white paste underneath. The paste is dotted with small widespread holes and either a red/orange pattern of pepperoncino or a whimsical design of savory little seeds.
Appication: Both flavored Montanaras are perfect for a cheese board but will also enhance a variety of culinary expressions, from pasta, polenta and rice dishes to dips, salads and sandwiches.
Pairing: Montanara Peperoncino pairs well with a crisp lager like Italy's own Peroni, while Montanara with Herbs complements robust red wines like Valpolicella Ripasso and Cotes du Rhone by highlighting the wines, herbal qualities.
Chocolate Bakes Ricotta Cheese by Don Vito ITALY
Product Details: #059038 | 8/200 g

Perfect pairings

Rich, creamy and absolutely delicious, this “Tricotta” dessert cheese is made simply from water buffalo milk whey, milk, lemon and sugar, to form a flavor and texture that rivals any fine cheesecake. This cheese is called Tricotta (meaning 3 times cooked) because the primary ingredient: Italian Ricotta (meaning re-cooked) is made by cooking the whey. The Ricotta is mixed with the other high quality ingredients and then cooked again to create this extremely light and delicate Tricotta dessert.
Not at all overly sweet, Chocolate Baked Ricotta Cheese is delightful on its own or can be used as a part of other recipes. It pairs well with espresso coffee, fruits and other sweet Italian specialties.


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