Iberico Wedge by Don Juan SPAIN
Product Details: #563935 | 12/5.25 oz

The Spanish Rule of Three

Iberico is one of the most popular cheeses in Spain for its widely appealing, nuanced flavor. It is a blend of cow, sheep and goat's milk strictly regulated by the dairies. This triumphant combination of milks results in a deliciously traditional and complex character, honed since medieval times in Spain’s dry, hot central region.

Iberico is sometimes mistaken for Manchego due to its similarly crosshatched rind, but with a cow’s milk smoothness, rich sheepy creaminess and slight goaty tang.  Iberico’s taste and herbaceous aroma are delectably distinguishable. Matured anywhere from one to six months, Iberico has a firm, silky texture and an inherently pleasantly mild essence that never overpowers the palate.
Application: Iberico is most typically enjoyed as a table cheese with Quince paste (membrillo) or as a tapa alongside Chorizo, Serrano ham and hearty bread. However Iberico’s unique, mild flavor can easily be added to anything by grating it or grilling it. It is perfect for omelets, grilled cheese, pasta, potato and rice dishes or in salads and over roasted vegetables.
Pairing: Iberico pairs well with a broad variety of both red and white wines, but many prefer the kindred spirit of a Spanish red.


Barcelona Salami by Black Kassel CANADA
Product Details: #063056 | 2/2.25 lb

Perfect pairings

Black Kassel is the best of old world, central European tradition and new world craftsmanship and innovation. Known for their distinctively delicious family recipes, featuring secret spice mixtures, each Pillers’ Black Kassel Salami is hand-selected by the Sausage Meister and precisely and naturally cured to perfection.
Every Black Kassel Barcelona Salami takes 80 days to make. After a ham is carefully chosen for size, color and fat definition, it is hand-trimmed and individually flavored with spices unique to the Barcelona variety. After being gently smoked with a particular hardwood blend, each salami is then dried for 5-6 weeks. The culmination is a delicate and delicious texture, taste and aroma, that defines Black Kassel’s top quality specialty meats.
Barcelona Salami is wonderful for sandwiches and cold cut platters and is great served with cheese and melon.
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