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The History of Cheddar
Cheddar is the most popular type of cheese in the UK. Originating from the village of Cheddar in Somerset, south west England, this popular cheese has been produced since at least the 12th century. 

Cheddar made in the classical way tends to have a sharp, pungent flavory and is slightly earthy. It's texture is firm and slightly crumbly. It was sometimes (and still can be found) packaged in black wax, but was more commonly packaged in larded cloth, which was impermeable to contaminants still allowing the cheese to "breathe". 
Snowdonia Cheese Company 
Black Bomber Extra Mature Cheddar
The flagship product from Snowdonia is an extra mature cheddar with a striking black wax coating that reveals a moist, smooth texture and a classic, robust cheddar. 
ITEM #204707
Packaging: 6/7 OZ
Country: UK
Brand: Snowdonia Cheese Co.
Type: Semi-Hard
Milk Type: Cow
Aged: Over 90 days
Perfect for you next football party cheese platter. Melt on nachos, grate onto chili and melt a slice on your burger! 
MENU Pomodorina Sauce
MENU Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar Sauce
ITEM #55901, 6/29 OZ
Pomodorina Sauce has been Menu’s top-selling product for over 40 years. This famous sauce is produced in Italy only once a year during the peak of the tomato season in August. This fresh-harvest Pomodorina is unique from American style “Marinaras,” which use common processing methods.

Pomodorina is made within two hours of the tomatoes picked. It is hand crafted by our staff and cooked in small batch kettles, with only the highest quality fresh vegetables and fresh herbs, added at just the right time, by hand.
Our Favorite
French Cheeses
Port Salut is a creamy, mellow semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a bright orange rind and a mild, sweet flavor. Originally created by Trappist monks in Western France during the French Revolution, the cheese was a means of survival. When they returned to France, they continued to make their new style of cheese.

Unlike many other French cheeses, Port Salut is rather mild and sweet in flavor. Its light yellow paste is smooth and velvety with a touch of tanginess. Port Salut may be served at room temperature as a table cheese, but it also melts well for cooking. 
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