Beemster Vlaskaas 
by Beemster
Product Details: #013091 | 1/32 LB

"Flax" Cheese

Flax has been one of the most important fiber crops since ancient times. Vlaskaas (flax cheese) was named, not for having flax as an ingredient, but because this ancient cheese was traditionally made only once a year in tribute of the flax harvest. The harvest was most prominently celebrated in Flanders (a region that once comprised of territories in present day Belgium, France and Holland).
After having been lost to history for some time, in 2004 the flax harvest celebration was recreated as a community event, and the Vlaskaas recipe was rediscovered. Beemster, renowned for its premium quality cow’s milk, was asked to honor tradition by bringing the Vlaskaas recipe to life once again. Beemster Vlaskaas has since won numerous top, world-recognized awards and is now made all year round.  Beemster Vlaskaas won the 2014 Gold award at the Wisconsin Cheese Championship.
Vlaskaas, aged around five months and distinguished by its purple rind, has a delightfully caramel-nutty flavor with a softer, creamier texture than a typical Beemster cheese. It has an inviting aroma and a deliciously smooth mouth-feel that is flecked with little crunchy protein crystals.
Application: Traditionally Vlaskaas was served on thick slices of bread and eaten throughout the harvest day. Vlaskaas’ wide appeal from kids to discerning adults makes it a great all-around snack and a delicious addition to salads, pasta dishes, pizza and sandwiches. It goes very well with ripe fruit and nuts.
Pairing: Delicious with a Belgian White Ale, but if wine is the preference, stick with whites, like a crisp, Chardonnay.
Crab Apple Topping by Duhaime CANADA
Product Details: #067162 | 12/2.3 oz

Perfect pairings

Duhaime Gourmet, located in Québec, Canada, has three generations of food innovators behind its current cheese-spread success.
Duhaime’s Crab Apple Fruit Spread, spiced with bird pepper and nutmeg, is completely natural, with no added artificial flavors, preservatives or colorants. Designed specifically to complement cheese, it goes great with all cheese types. Duhaime’s Crab Apple Fruit Spread makes a chic, flavorful impression at any gathering.

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