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Don’t get us wrong; we love Manchego. 
Think of it as the gateway to a whole wide world of quesos fantásticos de España. These glorious cheeses from the Iberian Peninsula are sure to win hearts and stomachs: 
Don Juan Iberico is a unique treat.
With its pretty crosshatched rind, the wheel looks a bit like Manchego, but don’t be fooled—Don Juan Iberico is a unique treat. Crafted since medieval times in Central Spain with a blend of cow, goat and sheep’s milk, the cheese is mellow yet complex. It has a cow’s milk smoothness, a bit of goaty tang, a rich sheepy creaminess and a lovely herbaceous aroma. 
Item #  563048 2/7lbs
Zamorano, perfect for ringing in the holidays. 
La Fariza handcrafts Zamorano D.O.P. from their herd of 500 fluffy churra sheep. The ewes roam freely in the protected Parque Natural Arribes del Duero in Castilla y León. As Zamorano ages, it develops a firm, smooth texture and rich butterscotch flavor. It’s a truly unique cheese, perfect for ringing in the holidays. 
ITEM #563045
Packaging: 2/6 LB 
Country: SPAIN 
Type: Soft Ripened
Milk Type: Raw Sheep Milk
Aged: 6 Months
Let this beauty take center stage on every cheese spread with cracked black pepper breadsticks and quince spread.
Don Juan Chorizo
MENU Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar Sauce
ITEM #057530, 6/16 OZ
Serve your Spanish cheese finds with Don Juan Chorizo. It’s handmade with free-range black Iberian pigs fed on natural pasture and forage. Don Juan Chorizo is then seasoned with paprika and spices and carefully aged for a minimum of 60 days. The super high quality meat is to thank for the chorizo’s deep crimson color and complex, exquisite flavor.
Mahon savory goodness… perfect for autumn!
Mahon: Mahon D.O.P. takes its name from the port of Mahon on the island of Minorca. Made since Roman times for the sailors who traversed the Mediterranean, Mahon gets its briny, robust flavor from the gusts of ocean winds enveloping the Balearic Islands in fresh sea salt. An olive oil and paprika rub gives Mahon its bright orange-yellow rind and piquant, savory goodness… perfect for autumn!
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