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Pizza Anyone ?
For the last month or so, pizza has been top of mind in our test kitchen.. With the Pizza Expo coming up this week in Las Vegas, what cheeses are trending, theories on dough, and, of course, pizza toppings have been our obsession. Here are some items we’ve found captivating:
Sweet & Rustic
Asiago d' Allevo, Agriform
Crafted in the picturesque plateau surrounding the Dolomite Mountains, Asiago d’Allevo is revered for its versatility and variety of tastes. The cheese is aged for a minimum of two months and often up to one year or more, with its creamy, tangy taste and crumbly interior intensifying during the maturation period, and the semi-firm, light-golden paste becoming harder as it reaches the rind. Similar to other mountain cheeses, Asiago d’Allevo has clean, floral, grassy notes with a slightly sweet, but rustic finish.
ITEM # 053781
Packaging: 4/5 LB
Country: ITALY
Type: Hard 
Milk Type: Cow
Pizza:   Shredded Asiago, red onions, speck, and Calabrese peppers over tomato sauce.
Pairing: Chianti, Pinot Grigio, or Belgian-style wheat beer. 
Passione Pizza  
MENU Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar Sauce
Gluten Free Mix 
Combining traditional values with the highest quality products, Pivetti has become the crown jewel of the flour milling industry in Italy. With Passione Pizza gluten free flour mix, you can make delicious pizza with a crispy golden crust just like a traditional pizza only without the gluten!

# 050797  5 KG PAIL
A Royaal Pizza 
Beemster, Royaal  

Beemster Royaal is like a piece of gold that melts on your tongue. Its slightly nutty and slightly sweet taste leads you to an overwhelming tasting experience. This cheese is so rich, so irresistible, so flavorful, its destined for royalty, literally.  Royaal is one of Beemster's special artisan crafted series of cheeses served to the Royal Court of Netherlands.  Get a head start on spring with this pizza inspiration; shredded Beemster Royaal, smoked salmon and arugula dressed with a lemon vinaigrette.

# 0104090 1/27   
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