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Shapely Galician Cheese

Tetilla, a smooth, supple, semi-soft cow’s milk delicacy from Galicia, is the most defining and popular traditional cheese of this predominantly rural farming region. Known for its distinct, autonomous customs, it is one of just four cheeses granted a D.O.P. certification from this lush, green area in the northwest of Spain.
Possibly as early as 700,000 BCE, depictions of a woman’s form were revered in portable rock sculptures with exaggerated female features. As art evolved through the millennia, celebrating feminine virtues held true, so it is not surprising to find Tetilla, (Meaning “little breast,”) would have been crafted in this elegant, conical form with a milky, buttery, and slightly tangy flavor.
Beautiful to regard and delicious to eat, Tetilla reflects the traditional art of Galician cheese-making.
Applications: Tetilla is a favorite among adults and children alike and melts easily for everything from sandwiches and sauces to potatoes and hotdogs.  Tetilla’s mild, melt-in-your-mouth creaminess is desirable any time of day.
Pairings: Goes well with Albarino, the most famous Galician white wine. Albarino’s peach, apple, and melon notes plus the mineral finish, play exquisitely with Tetilla.
Marcona Almonds by Don Juan SPAIN   
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Perfect pairings

The Marcona almond, also referred to as the “Queen of Almonds,” is considered one of the most delectable varieties in the world. The mild climate and fertile soil of Mediterranean Spain provide Marcona almonds with the perfect growing conditions, relinquishing its health benefits in every nut. High in oleic acid and vitamin E, Don Juan Marcona Almonds are immersed in olive oil and feature a delicately sweet flavor and overall creamy taste. These salted delights with a delicious infusion of olive oil have a fruity and smooth finish. Perfect for a cocktail hour at your next party or celebration. Watch as your guests gobble these by the handful!

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