Chimay Grande Reserve by Chimay BELGIUM
Product Details: #193706 | 1/5 LB, #193707 | 6/9.7 OZ

A Grand Belgian Entrance

Debuted to great success at the 2014 Winter Fancy Food Show, Grande Reserve brings together Chimay’s renowned Trappist cheese with “the jewel” of the Chimay Trappist brewery, Blue Cap Beer.
The Abbey’s Cistercian monks start with pure, local, antibiotic-free milk, and follow time-honored Trappist traditions to create their sweet, slightly tangy, semi-soft cheese. As the cheese matures within the ancient vaulted walls of Scourmont Abbey, the mini Grande Reserve wheels are washed twice with Chimay Blue Cap beer while the 2kg wheels are washed no less than four times. The complex, strong taste of this favorite dark beer perfectly offsets the bitter notes in the cheese, and Blue Cap’s powerful fresh yeast, malty and rosaceous aroma adds even more personality to the eating experience.
Chimay Grande Reserve is a beautifully balanced combination of creamy smoothness and robust, yet delicately refined character.
Application: Fruity and intense, Grande Reserve is a distinctive addition to any cheeseboard and makes a great flambé. Substitute Chimay Grande Reserve for other cheeses to improve a breadth of both hot and cold recipes, especially the classic sandwich: grilled ham and cheese.
Pairing: Grande Reserve pairs beautifully with any Chimay beer, but a cold Chimay Blue Cap would be the ideal choice.
* Chimay is one of only three Trappist cheesemakers in the entire world.  To be called Trappist, three rules must be followed: 1) the cheese must be made, 100%, within the Abbey walls. 2) The monks must oversee the whole cheesemaking process. 3) All profits must be reinvested in the Abbey’s foundation that provides funding for community projects.
Black Pepper Crackerthins
by Valley Produce Company
Product Details: #219836 | 12/5.3 OZ

Perfect pairings

The award-winning Valley Produce Company is one of the most recognized and renowned gourmet food companies in all of Australia. Like the entire Crackerthins line, VPC Cracked Black Pepper Crackerthins are made in small batches with the finest quality, all-natural ingredients to ensure flavor and texture consistency as well as nutritional quality.
Packaged in two stay-fresh sleeves that maintain each crackerthin’s perfect crispiness and crunch, Cracked Black Pepper Crackerthins, are ideal for a wide variety of uses including: fine cheeses, spreads, dips and antipasto. Join our social networks!
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