Beemster 4-Month Goat Cheese Exact Weight 
by Beemster
Product Details: #733170 | 12/5.3 oz

Nannies in the Netherlands

Goats have historically grazed on the famous Beemster polder, since several of Beemster’s cooperative farmers have continually kept nannies to fulfill local requests for fresh goat’s milk. But it wasn’t until 2007, when Beemster’s master cheesemakers set themselves to the task of creating an exceptional goat’s milk cheese, that Beemster Goat joined the delicious range of award-winning cheeses.
Distinctively crafted with artisanal techniques, Beemster Goat is traditionally aged for 4 months and has a pure white interior and a wonderfully smooth, semi-firm texture. Its lovely, clean flavor finishes with the slightest tang, which adds to the delicately complex taste. Beemster Goat’s refreshing mildness appeals to a wide range of palates, even those uninitiated to goat cheese.
Application: Delightful as a table cheese, serve with walnuts and honey.  Beemster Goat is also great shredded over salads and melted atop hearty, dark bread with fresh mashed avocado.
Pairing: The zesty acidity of Sauvignon Blanc plays against the tangy qualities of Beemster Goat for a classic match. A Rioja is a great choice for a red wine pairing. Or try with a beer known for its fruit notes, such as wheat beers. 
Apricot & Pistachio Fruit Pyramid by VPC AUSTRALIA
Product Details: #217849 | 12/2.6 oz

Perfect pairings

Each award-winning, handmade Valley Produce Company fruit pyramid contains over one pound of reduced fruit and has a 15-month shelf life.  VPC Pyramids require no refrigeration, even after opening, and will last as long as their date code, in ambient temperatures. There are no added colors or flavors and all pyramid varieties are wheat and gluten-free. With a soft but firm texture, VPC Fruit Pyramids are easy to spread and enjoy.
VPC’s Apricot & Pistachio Pyramid is made with fully ripened apricots that are pureed and slow-cooked down in small batches for quality assurance. Crushed pistachio kernels are added for delicious flavor, color and texture.
All fruit pyramids are ideal for blue, Brie and cheddar. Apricot & Pistachio also goes great with goat cheese. 

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