Smoked Swiss by Ammerlander GERMANY
Product Details: #024019 | 4/3.3 lb

Chart-Topping Cheese

In 1885 seven farmers from the beautiful North German Plains formed Ammerland, one of North Germany’s first dairy cooperatives. This region, not far from the North Sea coast, at the very top of Western Germany, is famous for its unspoiled, lush grazing meadows that are so flat they seem to stretch endlessly into the horizon. 
Today Ammerland has about 2,200 regional members and is one of Europe’s largest and most technologically advanced cheese dairies, but it still remains an exclusively farmer-run cooperative firmly guided by tradition and dedication to quality.
All natural Ammerländer Smoked Swiss is produced with quality standards that far exceed permitted regulations. Starting with only the freshest Ammerland cow’s milk, Ammerländer Smoked Swiss is made according to a traditional German recipe and is naturally smoked over a smoldering beechwood fire until it forms an edible brown rind, an inviting aroma and smoky notes that add to the cheese’s delicious, approachable nuttiness. Smooth and perfectly pliable, Ammerländer Smoked Swiss is known for its consistently superb taste and texture.
Application: Ideal for enhancing sandwiches, the loaf form makes for easy slicing and storing. Also great for cheese and deli platters.
Pairing: Works particularly well with a spicy California Zinfandel. For beer try a German Bock.

Salsa Fichi by MENU ITALY
Product Details: #057527 | 6/16 oz

Perfect pairings

Fig & Marsala Sauce by MENU is prepared with deep, smoky marsala wine and fresh, sweet figs. Also called Salsa Fichi, the balance of sweet and sour flavors will enhance anything it’s added to. MENU simmers their all natural sauce down to a confit-like consistency with a mellow sweet flavor and a succulent aroma. Spread onto pizza and top with Prosciutto slices or sub for the usual sandwich spread for an updated twist on these classic dishes. Salsa Fichi pairs splendidly with mature cheese like Grana Padano or Asiago and fresh types like Ricotta and Mascarpone, as well as any Italian charcuterie Join our social networks!
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