Plain Fondue by Tiger SWITZERLAND
Product Details: #030913 | 16/14 oz

Don't Lose Your Bread

Fashioned from a time-honored Swiss recipe, Tiger Classic Cheese Fondue features authentic Swiss Emmental, Swiss Gruyere, white wine, Kirsch brandy and spices in an ultra-convenient, ready-to-melt, shelf-stable package that can be kept from 6 – 9 months without refrigeration.
Tiger Fondue (fondue is derived from the French word: fondre – to melt) easily melts into a deliciously smooth and creamy texture, ideal for dipping, in five minutes.  Tiger’s classic, bold flavors warm the senses and evoke the feeling of enjoying a pot of Alpine history by a cozy, mountaintop fire.  This sensation perfectly captures why the Swiss have called Cheese Fondue their national dish since 1930 and how, subsequently, a worldwide attraction followed.
Fondue etiquette suggests if someone loses bread in the fondue pot, he or she must either buy the communal pot partakers a round of drinks, or give them a round of kisses.  Depending on the company, it is always a good idea to square the rules of fondue engagement up front.
Application: Simply open the vacuum-sealed foil packet and slide the fondue into a fondue pot, stovetop pot or microwavable container.  Melt for quick and easy appetizer or main course that can be served in romantic intimacy or as the centerpiece of a party.  It is unnecessary to add ingredients but garlic, herbs, spices and diced vegetables can be added to taste.  Usually served with bite-sized pieces of firm bread, cut fruits and vegetables can also be used for dipping.  Plus, Tiger fondue is a delicious topper for toast or roasted vegetables.  Requiring no refrigeration also makes Tiger Fondue a great addition to a holiday gift basket.
Pairing: The prevailing drink pairing for fondue is white wine.  However, another school thought calls for black tea.  For the white wine camp, consider wines with acidity and a touch of sweetness.  A German Riesling, Pinot Grigio or a Chenin Blanc would be good choices.

Grissini Breadsticks by Azzurro ITALY
Product Details: #050620 | 240/0.42 OZ

Perfect pairings

Styled after the famous Italian “turinesi” breadsticks that originated from the city of Turin, Azzurro’s all-natural, full-flavored breadsticks are an irresistible snack with a light, delicate and fresh taste.  Made from the finest wheat flour, malt and olive oil, Azzurro Grissini Breadsticks are golden and fragrant and have a rich, crispy texture.
Traditionally served with appetizers or antipasto, torinesi breadsticks are made from a recipe that is both easy to enjoy and designed to not satiate one’s appetite for the rest of the meal.  Azzurro Grissini Breadsticks are perfect for the table or salad bar and make a great accompaniment for wine.

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