Saganaki, Kefalotyri Cheese by Atalanta


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Named for the famous Greek dishes that call for this style of cheese to be pan fried, Saganaki is a cow’s milk version of Greek Kefalotyri that rouses the opa in all of us.

In Greek, Saganaki translates to “little frying pan,” referring to the cheese’s most popular use: fried up in a small pan until bubbly and served with a splash of lemon juice, pinch of pepper and warm, inviting bread.  For added excitement, Saganaki is often flambéed just prior to presenting the finished dish, then extinguished with the lemon juice to shouts of “Opa!”

Known for its firm texture and salty taste, Saganaki Kefalotyri is great for grating and lends itself perfectly to adding flavor to anything from pasta to cooked vegetables.  It is also much used in another famous Greek recipe, Spanakopita.  Additionally, Atalanta Saganaki is Halal certified.

Application: Make a delicious appetizer by lightly breading and frying the cheese and topping with a luxurious sauce of lemon, butter and capers.

Pairing: A bold Riesling or a crisp American Lager would balance the salty tones of the cheese.
Prosciutto Cotto by Ermes Fontana ITALY
 Product Details: #050761 | 2/9 lb

Perfect pairings

Ermes Fontana presents their premium Italian meats in a brand new way. Their artisanal meats are now available in convenient slicing casings with labels paying homage to the traditional “Salumeria,” the Italian origin of the American Deli.

Fontana’s meats are prized in deli cases for their high quality, ease of slicing and convenient storage.

Prosciutto Cotto is a savory, slow cooked prosciutto. Very slow cooking imparts a flaky texture and mild flavor to this ham. Join our social networks!
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