DEC 2016
Around the Industry: Trends & Forecasts
Chef Wolfgang Puck wrote that the word trend comes from an old German word meaning “to turn or revolve.” So while he is always on the lookout for new and exciting food movements, innovation often lies in updating the tried and true, as food popularity is cyclical.
To that end, we see the revival of old-school recipes in restaurants. For one, the reality of high rents in both up-and-coming and established markets is driving chefs to renew simpler fare, modernizing classic dishes for contemporary tastes — think fresh ricotta with pasta; chicken pot pie with fresh vegetables and cornmeal crust; Lobster Newburg with a variety of seafood and less fat.
A new version of home-cooking -- dishes that grandma use to make -- is making a comeback. Pinterest members saved nearly 50,000 comfort food ideas daily, a 140% increase over 2015.

Stephanie Kumar, head of category insights for Pinterest, said, “Consumers are still interested in what they consider comfort food, but they’re talking about it and searching for it in new ways that have a healthy slant.”
Atalanta products play perfectly into this what’s old is the new trend. As an example, MENU's line of traditional authentic 1932 Italian Sauces. 
1932 Italian Specialty Sauces
1932 is a line of specialty tomato sauces inspired by our most famous sauce: MENU Pomodorina. This new brand from MENU is developed from a time-honored family recipe, using tomatoes picked from the sun-drenched fields of the Emilia Romagna countryside.  Within just two hours, the fresh picked and perfectly ripe tomato bounty is milled and kettle cooked in small batches, with a delicious blend of Italian vegetables, herbs, and extra
virgin olive oil. Available for retail and private label.
Pomodorina  Item # 050795  6x24oz 

Arrabbiata  Item # 050794   6x24oz

Pomodorina with Fresh Basil Item # 050792 6x24oz

Pomodorina with Barolo Wine DOC  Item # 050793 6x24oz 

DALMATIA Ranked No. 4 in Retail in Fruits & Spreads Category

We all know Dalmatia is a fantastic product, but now we have the data from *AC Nielsen to prove how strong this brand is at retail. 

• No. 4 brand in fruit spreads with a 6.3% share nationally 

• Dalmatia Fig is the No. 2 SKU in fruit spreads; Fig Orange, No. 15 

• Both are growing faster than the category

The brand assortment has grown as well; Organic Apricot, Organic Blackberry, Organic Strawberry, Plum, Tangerine, Quince and Sour Cherry were introduced this quarter. In 2017, a new merchandising promotion will be launched to support all the flavor profiles and applications. 

* Nielsen Food 13 weeks ending 3/26/16

  Market Report    

Several major packers were forced to purchase skipjack raw material at $1450 mt CFR Bangkok for the first half of December. Depending on market conditions the cost may rise to $1500 mt in coming weeks.
Fishing results remain fairly mixed in the Western and Central Pacific region. The catch started to show a slight increase in tonnage per vessel per day, yet it is too soon to see if this is a developing trend or a short-term improvement.
Fishing boats have been reporting difficult conditions (high seas/strong currents) resulting in a hard catch in targeted areas.  The weather has decreased the daily catch tonnages per vessel per day down to around 15-20 mt per vessel per day.
There is a concern that fish traders purposely are slowing deliveries of raw material to create a tighter market and force canners to pay more for needed raw material for December production.
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