Tomme Crayeuse FRANCE
Product Details: #354553 | 1/2 kg

Modern Masterpiece, by Accident

Tomme Crayeuse (Cray-yhuz) originated in the mid-1990s though an effort to improve on the ancient Rhône-Alpes classic, Tomme de Savoie.  Instead of simply enhancing an old recipe, a new French cow’s milk cheese was formed with a brilliantly balanced duality in appearance, texture, aroma and flavor.
Tomme is a generic term associated with small, round, Alpine cheeses.  Crayeuse (French for “chalky”), speaks to the different interior textures developed by this Tomme’s washed rind affinage process, that ripens the cheese from the outside in. Typically aged for two to three months, Tomme Crayeuse’s milky-fresh, dense and flaky core is “chalky” and lighter in color compared to the smooth, rich, supple, off-white layer of paste just under the rind. 
Adding to the visual allure, as well as lending to the cheese’s earthy flavors and aromas, Tomme Crayeuse’s thick, velvety, natural rind is a stunning rustic mottle of brown, white, grey and even yellow and/or green dusty molds.  The notable aromas are a mix of damp soil crossed with buttery-fresh grassiness.
On the tongue, the sweet mushroom-woodsy taste of the cheese’s creamier outer layer plays deliciously with the fresh-hay, milky, tart and citrus notes of the cheese’s center.  Coating the palate with a creamy, pleasant mouth-feel, Tomme Crayeuse lingers with a lovely, mild and clean nuttiness.
Due to its luxurious characteristics, Tomme Crayeuse is sometimes compared more to good Brie than the milder Tomme de Savoie.  Whatever the comparison, this modern masterpiece will always be enjoyed for providing a nuanced and wholly unique experience that thrills the senses.
Application: A cheese tray must, of course, but Tomme Crayeuse also melts dreamily for grilling on sandwiches or incorporating into egg dishes, sauces, soups and stews.  When ripe, Tomme Crayeuse spreads nicely for toast and baguettes, but is still pliable enough for slicing.  It also goes well with fresh fruit.
Pairing: A big, spicy red wine from the Rhône complements the earthy qualities of Tomme Crayeuse and the acidity in a dry white, a Burgundy or Champagne, complements the tart qualities.  This is a complex cheese, where the choice of wines will bring out and highlight different flavors.
Jam with Peach, Il Forteto ITALY
Product Details: #053807 | 12/1 lb

Perfect pairings

In 1975, a group of Italian university students ventured to create a sustainable agricultural cooperative based on the ancient Tuscan way of life.  Today, Il Forteto, situated on 1,500 beautiful acres in the lush hills northeast of Florence, is a world-renowned company.   Their uniquely conceived cooperative has a number of productive and mature organic fruit orchards, from which they produce their beautiful preserves. 
Il Forteto all natural Peach Jam tastes simply like it should: natural, flavorful and spreadable fresh peaches.  Never overly sticky or too sweet, Il Forteto Peach Jam makes a perfect accompaniment for cheeses.

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