Manchego Loaf by Don Juan SPAIN
Product Details: #733004 | 1/6 LB

A Slice of Spanish Life

Manchego has been made in central Spain’s high La Mancha plateau for thousands of years. Only the Manchega breed of sheep, that graze the uniquely indigenous vegetation of this dry yet fertile land, supply the rich milk that goes into making Spain’s most famous cheese.
Manchego’s compact, buttery texture lends itself perfectly to loaf form, providing precision and ease for adding this prized Spanish flavor wherever opportunity is found. Complexly nutty and sweet, with notes of piquancy, Manchego Loaf transcends tradition.
Application: Ideal for sandwich slices, deli trays, shredding in soups, salads, quiches, casseroles, mashed potatoes and omelets or cubing, Manchego Loaf is delicious alongside deli meats, notably Serrano ham, and accompanied by quince paste, honey and nuts.
Pairing: A classic pairing is with Spain's famed Tempranillo based wines, such as a young Ribera del Douro, but also consider Spain's fine Grenache blends (Garnacha in Spanish).
Potato Cheese & Chive Crackerthins
by Valley Produce Company
Product Details: #210878 | 12/5.3 OZ

Perfect pairings

Made with potato starch instead of flour, Valley Produce Company’s Potato Cheese & Chive Crackerthins give up nothing but gluten. Distinctively crunchy, VPC Gluten Free Crackerthins combine real Parmesan cheese and the mild spice of chives for a delicious, delicate, buttery flavor.
VPC full-flavored Gluten Free Potato Cheese & Chive Crackerthins are excellent for cheese platters, great with jams or dips and go with anything else calling for gourmet crackers. Join our social networks!
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