Plain Fondue by Tiger SWITZERLAND
Product Details: #030914 | 12/14 oz

Don’t Lose Your Bread

Fashioned from a time-honored Swiss recipe, Tiger Classic Cheese Fondue features authentic Swiss Emmental, Swiss Gruyere, white wine, Kirsch brandy and spices in an ultra-convenient, ready-to-melt, shelf-stable package that can be kept for 6 – 9 months without refrigeration.
The word “fondue” is derived from the French word: fondre – to melt. It only takes Tiger Fondue five minutes to melt into a deliciously smooth and creamy texture that is ideal for dipping. Tiger’s classic, bold flavors warm the senses and evoke the feeling of enjoying a pot of Alpine history by a cozy, mountaintop fire. This sensation perfectly captures why the Swiss have called Cheese Fondue their national dish since 1930 and how, subsequently, a worldwide attraction followed.
Fondue etiquette suggests if someone loses bread in the fondue pot, he or she must either buy the communal pot partakers a round of drinks, or give them a round of kisses. Depending on the company, it is always a good idea to square the rules of fondue engagement up front.
Application: Simply open the vacuum-sealed foil packet and slide the fondue into a fondue pot, stovetop pot or microwavable container. Melt for a quick and easy appetizer or a main course that can be served in romantic intimacy or as the centerpiece of a party. It is unnecessary to add ingredients but garlic, herbs, spices and diced vegetables can be added to taste. Usually served with bite-sized pieces of firm bread, cut fruits and vegetables can also be used for dipping. Plus, Tiger fondue is a delicious topper for toast or roasted vegetables. Requiring no refrigeration also makes Tiger Fondue a great addition to a holiday gift basket.
Pairing: The prevailing drink pairing for fondue is white wine. However, another school thought calls for black tea. For the white wine camp, consider wines with acidity and a touch of sweetness. A German Riesling, Pinot Grigio or a Chenin Blanc are always good choices.

Gluten Free Crackerthin 
by Valley Produce Company
Product Details: #211022 | 24/3.5 oz

Perfect pairings

Valley Produce Company Gluten Free Naked Pack Crackerthins come ready to be dressed in two ways: First, with any private label over the stay-fresh sleeve, and second, with cheese, jams, dips, antipasto or anything else calling for a great tasting, light, thin and crispy gourmet cracker.
One of the most recognized and prominent gourmet food companies in all of Australia, the award-winning Valley Produce Company makes their gluten free Watercrackers with a potato base, since potatoes provide a gluten-free starch as well as a distinctive crunch. 

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