Wensleydale with Apricot PUC ENGLAND
Product Details: #203806 | 6/7 OZ

The Sweet-ductress

The early summer apricot season is very short but when longing for the golden sweetness of this enchanting fruit, Coombe Castle’s Wensleydale with Apricot P.U.C resolves the pursuit with blended delectably any time of year.

Each elegant P.U.C joins real Yorkshire Wensleydale, made to an age-old recipe, with the splendor of the apricot. Since 1150 when Cistercian monks first started making this creamy, mild cheese, the dale’s famous limestone pasturelands have imparted a uniquely fresh, clean, slightly tangy-honeyed flavor for which Wensleydale is renowned. Diced, dried apricots elevate Wensleydale to a sweet, modern masterpiece that melts in the mouth. To top off this P.U.C’s charm, an extra apricot cap gives the enticing flavor and beautiful presentation one further flourish.

Application: A crowd-pleasing dessert cheese, Wensleydale with Apricot P.U.C also lends eye-catching excellence to any cheese tray and is perfect for special events. Splendid as a stand-alone hostess gift or a featured gift basket cheese, its crumbly, moist texture is perfect for adding to salads, making cheesecakes, filling baked goods and melting on grilled pork.

Pairing: Try with a dry Riesling, or one with a touch of sweetness. Wenslydale with Apricot P.U.C will amplify the fruit notes of the wine. 
Cranberry & Raspberry Fruit Topping
by Duhaime
Product Details: #0671602 | 12/2.3 OZ

Perfect pairings

Canada’s Duhaime Gourmet presents their award winning innovative toppings in several varieties perfect for any cheese spread. Each fruit-based flavor is sweetened only with organic sugar and pure maple syrup. Their Cranberry & Raspberry Fruit Spread is made with fresh cranberries, raspberries, ginseng & star anise, completely natural, with no added artificial flavors, preservatives or colorants. Designed specifically to complement cheese, it goes great will all types. Duhaime’s Cranberry & Raspberry Fruit Spread makes a chic, flavorful impression at any gathering.
Not just for cheese, enjoy this tangy sweet fruit topping combined with chili sauce and Worcestershire sauce to make sweet and sour crockpot meatballs.
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