Chimay Doré Gold by Chimay BELGIUM
Product Details: #193708 | 1/5 lb   #193709 | 6/10.58 oz

The Golden Cheese

Chimay Dorée (Gold) light beer was originally made solely for the monastic community within Scourmont Abbey.  In 2013 Chimay Gold was not only offered to public consumers for the first time, but a new cheese was developed around its golden taste and enticingly spicy, hoppy aromas.
Presented to great success at the 2014 Winter Fancy Food Show, Chimay Doré has all the richly complex hallmarks of a Chimay Trappist cheese.  Slightly tangy with a fresh, cow’s milk creamy semi-softness and a beautiful gilded rind, this exceptional cheese balances flawlessly with Chimay’s lower alcohol percentage, yet highly fermented, golden beer.
Chimay Doré is dually representative of authentic Trappist tradition and the unique Chimay countryside, attributes gracefully underscored by elegant packaging for both the 1.5kg and mini wheels.
Application: A distinctive addition to any cheeseboard, Chimay Doré makes a fragrant and delicious statement in grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and sides like mashed potatoes.  It is well matched with fresh fruit, especially pear.
Pairing: Chimay Doré pairs perfectly with any Belgian Trappist beer but the obvious choice is also the best choice.
Grissini Breadsticks by Azzurro ITALY
Product Details: #050620 | 240/0.42 OZ

Perfect pairings

Styled after the famous Italian “turinesi” breadsticks that originated from the city of Turin, Azzurro’s all-natural, full-flavored breadsticks are an irresistible snack with a light, delicate and fresh taste.  Made from the finest wheat flour, malt and olive oil, Azzurro Grissini Breadsticks are golden and fragrant and have a rich, crispy texture.
Traditionally served with appetizers or antipasto, torinesi breadsticks are made from a recipe that is both easy to enjoy and designed to not satiate one’s appetite for the rest of the meal.  Azzurro Grissini Breadsticks are perfect for the table or salad bar and make a great accompaniment for wine.

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