Salted Welsh Butter, Collier's WALES
Product Details: #203808 | 10/8 oz

Spread the Welsh

Collier’s Welsh Valleys Butter is a true expression of Wales.  It is made simply and naturally by churning pure cream from Carmarthenshire (known as “the garden of Wales” for its rich, fertile land) then adding 2% pure sea salt.  
Like its sister product, the award-winning Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar, the recipe for Collier’s Welsh Valleys Butter was created to reflect the preferences of the Welsh people.  Colliers (a term for Welsh miners) historically preferred salted vs. unsalted food, a penchant that continues to today’s discerning Welsh palate.  Mixing sea salt with the freshly churned Carmarthen cream gives Welsh Valleys Butter the desired creamy, full and luxurious flavor, without a higher salt content.  
Cymru Am Byth (Wales forever) is the Welsh motto. One taste of this delicious representation of Welsh culture provokes a slight alteration: Cymraeg menyn am byth! (Welsh butter forever!)
Application: Collier’s Welsh Valleys Butter has an exceptional flavor perfect for spreading on anything from biscuits and sandwiches to vegetables, pasta and potatoes or for using as an ingredient in any sort of recipe.
Fig Mostarda, Lazzaris ITALY
Product Details: #053880 | 6/120 g

Perfect pairings

Mostarda sauces were first made by rural families in the 17th century and used purely as a special Christmas time condiment.  The original creation mixed mustard, vinegar, candied fruit and wine must together-- the last being the ingredient for which Mostarda is actually named. 
Lazzaris has been making award-winning mostardas for over 100 years.  Their more modern recipe, born out of the wide influx of different cultural influences into northern Italy over the centuries, combines four basic ingredients: Quinces, sugar, candied fruit and
mustard oil, in various ways to create their incredible array of specialty mostardas, to be enjoyed throughout the entire year.
Figs are one of the most historically prized fruits the world has ever known and have been used to enhance other foods since ancient times.  Lazzaris Fig Mustard Sauce is a delicious and fragrant blend of top quality puréed figs and mustard oil.  This tantalizing mix of sweet and spicy flavors is delicious on cheese and meat boards, and presents limitless possibilities for hot or cold culinary conceptions.

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