Blue Stilton by Coombe Castle ENGLAND
Product Details: #203063 | 1/8.8 lb      #203705 | 12/5.3 oz

Ruler of the Cheese World 

A very bold statement, but well suited for one of England’s most famous and cherished cheeses.  Blue Stilton is named for the town of Stilton where the cheese was first sold in the early 18th century at an inn, advantageously located en route between London and Northern England.  News spread quickly about the exceptional new blue, making the inn a very popular destination in and of itself.
Today, under Blue Stilton’s PDO (protected designation of origin) status, the cheese can only be made by a licensed dairy in three counties: Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Notinghamshire, and solely with local milk.  Strict guidelines are fully enforced throughout the entire Stilton cheese-making and maturation process.
Prized for its smooth, honeyed, tangy richness and its striking blue veins that radiate from the cheese’s center to its rustic, natural, crinkly brown crust, England’s celebrated blue cheese is most typically enjoyed at 10 – 12 weeks of aging.
Blue Stilton’s long held title of “The King of Cheeses” is a testament, not just to its distinctive, full-bodied taste, but also to England’s ardent commitment to upholding a treasured cheese-making tradition.
Application: Blue Stilton is often a cheeseboard centerpiece, especially during the holidays, but is perfect for special events any time of the year.  Very versatile, Blue Stilton crumbles easily for salads, makes delicious dressings, adds great flavor to soups, risotto, pasta, potato and meat dishes or to anything that calls for culinary creativity.
Pairing: The most popular pairing for Blue Stilton is Port, but since Blue Stilton goes with such a wide range of wines, it is usually a win/win with anything from a favorite dessert wine to the most robust red.
Salsa Arancia by MENU ITALY
Product Details: #057529 | 6/16 oz

Perfect pairings

MENU’s Salsa Arancia (Onion & Orange Sauce) is prepared with succulent orange pulp pieces and minced onions.  The sauce’s unique and intense flavors finish with a sweet-and-sour aftertaste that enhances both aged and fresh cheeses and is also great for dipping.

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