Seaweed Cheese by Rochefort


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Of Land and Sea

In 1999, the Trappist monks at Saint Remy Abbey in Rochefort, Belgium entrusted the recipe for their young, semi-soft cheese to the notable Belgian butter and cheese producer, Mathot-SOFRA. Soon the fromagerie founder, Arthur Mathot, was blending Rochefort curds with seaweed harvested from Ouessant, an island off the coast of northwestern France, and ancient tradition also became modern innovation.
Made with pasteurized milk from cow’s that graze the beautiful, green Ardennes pastures, the seaweed’s savory salty sea, vegetal flavor deliciously complements the smooth, fresh cream taste and slight tang of this delightfully earthy cheese.
As well as adding a unique dimension to Rochefort’s historic cheese, iron and vitamin rich seaweed is also known for possessing many health benefits.

Application:  A definite conversation starter as a table cheese, Rochefort aux algues d’Ouessant adds depth to salads and sandwiches; it is great baked into quiches and phyllo dough, is a distinctive topper for gourmet pizza, pasta, potato and rice dishes and melts well for grilling and fondue.
The famous Trappist Rochefort beer is a must, but if looking for a wine, a red Cotes du Rhone will nicely balance the cheese’s herbal qualities.
Crackerthins by Valley Produce Company AUSTRALIA
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Perfect pairings

Baked from modest ingredients such as grain or flour, extra virgin olive oil and salt, crackers and breadsticks can be the defining elements that complete any table scape. These carefully crafted crackers are made with traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. This distinct recipe is so unique and beautifully rustic, offering a perfectly crisp texture. This iconic food staple is equally enjoyable eaten on its own or paired with spreads, soft cheeses and pâtés. Join our social networks!
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