Red Pepper by Beemster HOLLAND
Product Details: #013789 | 1/10 lb

Some Like It Hot

Soft and spicy, Beemster Red Pepper is a delicious combination of Beemster’s exceptionally smooth, sweet and creamy Gouda taste, and a sambal mélange that provides just the right amount of zesty heat.
Handcrafted to a secret, traditional Dutch recipe, Beemster Red Pepper starts with the highest-grade milk from cows that graze the 20 feet below-sea-level Beemster polder, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The polder’s lush, nutrient-rich pasturelands produce distinctively buttery, especially sweet cow’s milk.
Beemster always delivers their famous, great tasting cheese; Red Pepper Beemster is enhanced with a chili pepper kick because life often needs a little more zing.
Application: Great for snacking or cheese trays, Beemster Red Pepper goes well with crackers and will stimulate any dish with fiery zest. Delicious on cold or grilled sandwiches and in salads.
Pairing: Try it with a robust Australian Shiraz; the cheese will bring forward the inherent spiciness in the wine.  For beer, a refreshing lager style would be perfect.
Red Cerignola Olives by Frutto d'Italia ITALY
Product Details: #057912 | 2/4.2 LB 

Perfect pairings

The walnut-sized Cerignola olives from Puglia in Southern Italy are the largest in the world. Impressive measurements, however, are far from the Cerignola olive’s only attributes. Distinctively attractive in deep red, these meaty, firm olives have a fruity, clean, mild flavor that appeals to the olive lover in everyone and are very low in calories but high in fiber.
Packed in a 3.0 – 4.0 salt content brine with no added preservatives, Red Cerignola Frutto d’Italia Olives are delicious on their own, perfect for antipasti or cocktails and delightful with cheese. 


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