Chapel Hill, CH by Mifroma


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Raw, Personality

When Swiss master-cheesemaker Christian Oberli took over the dairy his grandfather founded in 1926, he not only upheld the superior standards for which his family’s semi-soft, pasteurized cow’s milk cheeses were known, but elevated the dairy’s status when he pushed his desire to craft a traditional raw milk Swiss cheese into an exceptional reality he called Chapel Hill.
Oberli Käserei (German for dairy) is situated in the quaint hamlet of Rislen, just outside of Rossrüti village in the beautiful northeastern Swiss countryside. The dairy only collects silage-free milk from local cowherds that graze the picturesque pasturelands within a seven-mile range of the Oberli family dairy. The daily-delivered, rich milk used for Chapel Hill is completely untreated, giving the cheese a pleasurable kick and a standout personality.
The inspiration behind Chapel Hill’s name came when Christian gazed out the dairy’s backdoor, right where a gentle hill begins and rolls up to a charming chapel in the distance. The chapel shares the scenic knoll with two farms and two cowherds that are, in part, responsible for the raw milk used in Oberli’s signature cheese. Immediately Christian saw the hill as a symbol of where his passion for making raw milk Chapel Hill would take his family’s dairy—gracefully up to the next level.

With three generations of expertise behind him, Christian’s raw milk Chapel Hill captures a superb balance of complex herbal, grassy, hay and nutty flavors within a delightfully creamy paste that takes it’s beautiful form after at least five months of careful aging.

Application: Chapel Hill is delicious as a table or snacking cheese with crusty bread or crackers, and grapes. It adds traditional Swiss cheese flavor sliced on deli sandwiches or shred into French onion soup. It is also great for melting on burgers or open-faced sandwiches and is perfect for a fondue pot.

Pairing: Chapel Hill is excellent with a rich white wine like an Alsatian Pinot Gris or with a red wine like a lighter style French Burgundy/Pinot Noir.  If beer is preferred, a malty, dark lager would serve very well. 
Onions and Orange Sauce by MENU ITALY
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Perfect pairing!

Onion & Orange Sauce by MENU is prepared with fresh orange pulp pieces and minced onions blended for a truly unique sauce. Also called Salsa Arancia, the balance of sweet and sour flavors will enhance anything it's added to. Menu cooks their all natural sauce down to a confit-like consistency with a citrus tang and bold aroma that's perfect to serve with grilled meats, fish and chicken. More versatile than a typical cheese condiment, Onion and Orange Sauce is perfect to pair with both aged and fresh cheeses. 

Application: Use for finishing buerre blancs to pair with chicken, salmon, scallops or shrimp.

Pairing: A Pinot Noir and its' aromas of fruit will make a delicious combination to Salsa Arancia. Join our social networks!
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