Smoked Idiazabal by Etxegarai SPAIN
Product Details: #563075 | 2/7 Lb

A Superb Spaniard
This traditional Spanish cheese holds its roots in Spain’s Basque country, where shepherds traditionally stored their handmade raw sheep’s milk cheeses in chimneys. The rich and nutty flavor combine with the smoky essence of local hardwoods to produce a unique, rustic tasting cheese with an unmistakable aroma. The firm, light golden interior of Idiazabal DOP is never overpowered by smokiness due to the natural, edible rind that forms to protect it.

Though no longer aged in chimneys, Idiazabal DOP still achieves its characteristics by starting with whole, unpasteurized milk from traditional Basque sheep breeds, ensuring a depth of flavor even before being hardwood smoked.  After being aged for up to one year, the result is just as remarkably robust and inspiring as the original incarnation of the cheese. 

Application:  Idiazabal DOP is perfect for elevating any cheese tray, alongside a plate of lightly fried chorizo and roasted peppers.

Pairing: Pairs well with Côte du Rhône wine, or a creamy Porter beer.


Marcona Almonds by Don Juan SPAIN
Product Details: #563780 | 1/8.3 lb Bucket

Perfect pairings

Indigenous only to Spain, Marcona almonds are known as “The Queen of Almonds” and have been treasured throughout their native land for thousands of years.
Rounder and plumper than common almonds, it is the distinctively richer, sweeter, more delicate flavor and softer, smoother texture (often described as a cross between an almond and a macadamia nut) that has foodies everywhere hailing the Queen with each addictively creamy, crunchy bite.
Marcona almonds thrive in Spain’s Mediterranean climate and nutrient-rich soil, creating a highly nutritious, mineral-and-protein-packed almond that contains a concentration of cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated oils as well as circulatory-system-and-heart-healthy linoleic acid.  Offered roasted and salted, fried in olive oil or raw, Marcona almonds are both savory and sweet. 

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