Creamy Cinnamon Lancashire by Coombe Castle ENGLAND
Product Details: #204630 | 2/2.2 lb

Let Cheese Entertain You

Well known for embracing their ancient cheese-making traditions, pastoral customs and regional distinctiveness, England’s historic contributions to the world of cheese are unmistakable and undeniable.  But when looking to the past, British cheese-makers also have a keen knack for seeing the future.  Among the most popular cheeses sought for adding excitement to entertaining are England’s delicious, innovative, modern cheese flavor-blends, and Coombe Castle has led this thrilling flavor revolution since they were founded over 30 years ago.
When Coombe Castle decided to create a cheese that featured the alluring taste of cinnamon, complemented by the sweetness of apples and raisins, selecting the perfect base cheese was of utmost importance.  Lancashire, the ancient cheddar-type, with its crumbly yet firm texture, full-bodied, rich, buttery character and clean, sharp, slightly-saltiness, provided the key to achieving the delectable mouth-feel and precise balance of flavors that make Creamy Cinnamon utterly addictive.
Unique and surprising, while at the same time warmly familiar, Coombe Castle’s Creamy Cinnamon cheese appeals to a wide range of new and old cheese lovers.  Now that’s entertainment.
Application: Often used as a dessert cheese, Coombe Castle Creamy Cinnamon is also wonderful when melted on toast or bagels, baked into Danishes, crumbled in salads, melted on chicken or simply served on a cheese tray at any time of day.  Creamy Cinnamon is made with microbial rennet, so it is also suitable for vegetarians.
Pairing:  If served prior to dinner, German Riesling would make a great pairing.  Served as a desert cheese, a sweet wine like Sauternes or a Hungarian Tokaji would be sublime.
Cranberry & Almond Seed Crisps by VPC AUSTRALIA
Product Details: #213523 | 8/5.3 oz

Perfect pairings

The award-winning Valley Produce Company is one of the most recognized and renowned gourmet food companies in Australia.  Falling somewhere between a flatbread and a cracker, VPC Cranberry & Almond Crisps are made in small batches to ensure flavor and texture consistency, as well as nutritional quality. 
These crisps get their special charm from a unique, all-natural blend of ingredients: rye flour, poppy seeds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds, honey, buttermilk and brown sugar.  At one moment they taste like seeds and nuts; the next, like honey.  Finally, there is a glowing aftertaste of toasty brown sugar. Join our social networks!
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