Bulgarian Feta by Atalanta BULGARIA
Product Details: #923087 | 1/7 kg

Bulgarian Style

The cheese style know today as “Feta” predates its adopted name by centuries.  Prior to having a bestowed title, this ancient staple of the Balkan diet was first simply called “cheese” in the local dialects of the time.   Never was there a question of what kind of cheese – “Feta” was the cheese of the Balkan Peninsula.
“Sirene” (Bulgarian for cheese or white cheese) is still the preferred Bulgarian term for “Feta” created in Bulgaria.  The methods for making this brined cheese in large blocks that are then cut into slices (Feta is derived from the Italian word “fetta” meaning slice) ties all Feta types together, but every country of origin imprints its particular characteristics.  Bulgarian Feta is known for being made from 100% sheep’s milk that is produced by free-grazing ewes in the Rhodope Mountains.  Many protected botanical species grow in the lush, green meadows of this pristine and stunning mountain range, which contributes to the local sheep milk’s unique qualities.
Pure white in color, Bulgarian Feta has a delightfully creamy, yet firm texture that crumbles beautifully and incorporates very well for cooking uses, without worry of over saltiness.  Sirene maintains the style and taste to pull off just being called “cheese.”
Application: Perfect for anything that calls for Feta, especially salads, dips, pasta dishes, pizza and other Mediterranean fare, but Bulgarian Feta’s agility as an ingredient makes for a much broader range of incorporations across culinary boarders.   As a table cheese, Bulgarian Feta is great with grapes and especially olives.
Pairing:  Pair with a Sauvignon Blanc or a fruit-forward light red, such as Beaujolais, or a new world Pinot Noir.
Pitted Taggiasca Olives by Frutto d'Italia ITALY
Product Details: #050611 | 6/6.7 oz

Perfect pairings

Taggiasca Olives are incredibly well rounded, within their little oval spheres.  These small, rose-black Italian delicacies have a divine, delicate flavor and a soft texture, while thrilling with their intense aroma.  By providing such a party for the senses, Taggiasca Olives have become known as one of the best table olives in the world.
Taggiascas are grown in the beautiful coastal region of Liguria in Northern Italy and named for the Taggia countryside, where they were first cultivated and introduced by a group of local monks.  According to tradition, Frutto d’Italia Taggiasca Olives are naturally tree-ripened and picked by hand, then pitted for convenience.

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