Apple Cinnamon Goat Cheese  CANADA
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Reimagining a classic 

Homemade apple pie, warm with scrumptious apples enhanced with the alluring charm of cinnamon, rouses images of comfort and hospitality.  Celebrity International folds this inviting sensation into their new, expertly blended Apple and Cinnamon Goat Cheese.
To start, Celebrity International’s award-winning, fresh and silky Goat Cheese (made exclusively with pure Ontario goat’s milk) is infused with luscious caramelized apples.  Each tangy-sweet log is then hand-coated with apple pieces that have been mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Only premium ingredients are used, with careful attention paid to blending the exact right proportions of each, in order to create the delightfully light, fresh taste synergy that makes Apple and Cinnamon Goat Cheese one of Celebrity International’s most memorable creations.
Celebrity International Apple and Cinnamon Goat Cheese is a delicious combination of tradition and innovation-- as appealing to the eye as it is to the taste buds. 
Application: Wonderful on its own with crackers of crusty bread, Apple and Cinnamon Goat Cheese can also be crumbled in salads, spread on bagels, baked on chicken, used as a filling for turnovers and croissants, mixed into cakes and pies, creamed into potatoes or added into omelets (to name just a few cooking uses).
Pairings: Try a fresh and lively Sauvignon Blanc or a delightful Fruit Lambic beer.
Milleusi "00" All-Purpose Flour by Pivetti ITALY
Product Details: #050229 | 10/1 kg

Perfect pairings

Extraordinary in taste, quality, performance and consistency, Pivetti Milleusi Flour is ideal for all baking and cooking needs throughout the kitchen.   
The Pivetti Company, located in Emilia Romagna, Northern Italy, has been family owned and operated since 1875.  Their 100% pure soft wheat “double zero” flour is perfected to be truly all-purpose.  Molino Pivetti is recognized as a leader of Italy’s flour milling industry for seamlessly combing traditional values and state of the art production processes.
Amazingly versatile for chefs or the home cook, Pivetti Milleusi “double zero” flour is superb for pasta, pizza, breads, and cake recipes. 
Use Pivetti’s Milleusi flour in a traditional sour cream apple cake.  Simply replace the sour cream with Celebrity’s Apple and Cinnamon Goat Cheese! The bits of apple will provide extra texture to this already classic and delicious dessert treat!

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