Vento d'Estate by La Casearia ITALY
Product Details: #053712 | 2/5 KG

Sheep, Hay and Barrel

Founded in the early 70’s by Antonio Carpenedo in the beautiful Treviso area just above Venice, La Casearia Carpenedo is one of the most celebrated affineurs in the Italian market, world known for their elegantly refined, imaginatively conceived cheeses such as Vento d'Estate.

La Casearia nurtures this cheese through a uniquely conceived maturation journey, prompting it’s fitting, expressive "Breeze of Summer" name. Each five pound Vento d’Estate wheel is completely covered in freshly cut hay from the Treviso high-mountains and aged for a minimum of five months in oak barrels. The original La Casearia twist on the “Barrique” (barrel aging) technique imparts Vento d’Estate with a robust herbal, fruity appeal that sings with nuttiness before striking a tangy finish. Its delightfully grassy, floral fragrance adds even more character and dimension.

This exceptional maturation practice is noted in the cheese’s artisanal presentation. Bits of the herbaceous mountain hay stay stuck to the rind that is several shades darker than the dense, firm and crumbly, straw-colored interior.

Application: A cheese that commands centerpiece appeal no matter where it’s situated on a cheese board, Vento d’Estate also adds Italian artisan accents to pasta and rice dishes but can also be used to create distinctive pizzas and sandwiches.

Pairing: This rich and savory cheese is best served with a well-balanced red wine. The Veneto region produces some wonderful red wines and Valpolicella works very well. For a white wine consider a Prosecco, also from the Veneto.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Intenditore by Melchiorri ITALY
Product Details: #050670 | 12/500 mL

Perfect pairings

L’Intenditore, “the connoisseur,” is a rare and high-end extra virgin olive oil crafted from 100% cold pressed Moraiolo olives. This D.O.P extra virgin olive oil [Protected Designation of Origin] is produced along the pre-Apennine foothills extending from Spoleto to Assisi in a small area of Umbria. Its mild-medium pungency is accented by a fruity taste with undertones of floral, almond and fresh grass. Its delicate characteristics make it ideal for fish, mozzarella cheese and salads. Melchiorri’s most prized filtered oil is available only in limited quantities.

Each bottle of Melchiorri olive oil is derived from hand-picked olives of the Moraiolo, Frantoio, and Leccino olive trees. The Umbrian climate is particularly favorable for harvesting some of Italy’s most distinguished olives for oil pressing. Following an ancient tradition, the olives are crushed by means of a granite millstone, achieving extra virgin olive oil after the first cold press.

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