Margot by Rosso ITALY
Product Details: #054017 | 2/4.4 lb

She's Harmonious and Complex

Margot, a more recent venture for Caseificio Pier Luigi Rosso, is a delightfully sweet and mild, semi-soft Italian farmhouse cheese that is washed with a local northern Italian, small-batch beer.
Using whole cow’s milk collected from 37 very strictly controlled farms in the upper Biella valleys, Margot is hand crafted by 4th generation Rosso family members who passionately uphold the traditional cheese-making techniques passed down from their great grandmother who founded the dairy. The addition of local brew elevates the cheese’s pleasant personality with an inviting hint of beer. The delicate balance of flavors offers an impression of the beautiful alpine Biellese valleys where Caseificio Rosso has been situated since 1894.
Margot is matured in underground cellars on white pine wood racks for a minimum of 30 days. During the aging process, wheels develop a yielding, pale yellow interior scattered with fine holes and a thin, red-brown, inedible rind. The rustic presentation is complete with a fruity-beer aroma.
Application: An outstanding table cheese, Margot is also used in typical Piedmont dishes such as risotto, gnocchi and pasta and goes well with olives, cured meats and artisan bread.
Pairing:  A good amber ale works very well. For a wine, try a lighter, fruity red like Barbera d’Asti.
Ripe Whole Olives by Carli ITALY
Product Details: #057883 | 4/6 oz

Perfect pairings

For over 100 years Fratelli Carli has been dedicated to delivering the best quality and best tasting Italian products imaginable.
Carli allows their black olives to fully mature on the branch before being picked. To best preserve the rich, fruity taste and savory aroma, the whole olives are packed in an exclusive, all-natural and traditional Ligurian brine recipe, aromatically flavored with thyme, rosemary and bay leaf. Exceptional in flavor, Carli Olives are perfect for salads, hors d’oeuvres and pizzas.


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