Beemster Smoked by Beemster


Product Details: #014023 | 2/7lb

Hot Off the Embers

Beemster Smoked, the famous North Holland cooperative’s newest cheese, is soft, creamy, flavorful and here!
Handcrafted to a secret Dutch recipe, Beemster Smoked starts with the distinctively rich, especially sweet milk from cows that graze the renowned 20 feet below sea level Beemster polder. After 2 months of careful aging in the Netherlands, the delightfully mellow, buttery smooth cheese is sent to New Jersey to be naturally smoked with hickory wood where it picks up another dimension of flavor and aroma.
Smoky and supple, with the soul of Beemster’s cheese-making expertise and inimitable locale, Smoked is a delicious addition to the Beemster family.
Applications: Beemster Smoked’s creaminess and accessible flavor makes it great for melting and cooking, snacking, as a sandwich and panini addition, topping burgers, or for dicing or shredding into salads and pasta dishes. It goes deliciously well with smoked meats, especially ham and bacon. Beemster Smoked is also lactose and gluten free.
Pairing: The smoky and nutty flavors in Beemster work marvelously with a nice Chianti, providing a wonderful foil to the wine’s fruity tones. For beer, try a Belgian Whitbier, also known as white or wheat beer.
Green Castelvetrano Olives by Frutto d'Italia ITALY
 Product Details: #050610 | 6/7 oz

Perfect pairings

Grown in Sicily, these sweet and mild olives are commonly known as Nocellara Belice. Medium-sized and round, they are harvested in September before their natural ripening so the olive boasts a beautiful bright green color and crisp pulp. Their buttery taste balances between sweet and salty making them wildly popular in salad bars. Join our social networks!
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