Creamy Cinnamon Lancashire, Coombe Castle UK
Product Details: #204630 | 2/2 lb

Let Cheese Entertain You

Well known for embracing their ancient cheese-making traditions, pastoral customs and regional distinctiveness, England’s historic contributions to the world of cheese are unmistakable and undeniable.  But when looking to the past, British cheese-makers also have a keen knack for seeing the future.  Among the most popular cheeses sought for adding excitement to entertaining are England’s delicious, innovative, modern cheese flavor-blends, such as Coombe Castle’s Creamy Cinnamon.
Coombe Castle has led this thrilling revolution of flavor discovery since they were founded over 30 years ago.  When Coombe Castle decided to create a cheese that featured the alluring taste of cinnamon, complemented by the sweetness of apples and raisins, selecting the perfect base cheese was of utmost importance.  Lancashire, the ancient cheddar-type, with its crumbly yet firm texture, full-bodied, rich, buttery character and clean, sharp, slightly-saltiness, provided the key to achieving the delectable mouth-feel and precise balance of flavors that make Creamy Cinnamon utterly addictive.
Unique and surprising, while at the same time warmly familiar, Coombe Castle’s Creamy Cinnamon cheese appeals to a wide range of new and old cheese lovers.  Now that’s entertainment.
Application: Often used as a dessert cheese, Coombe Castle Creamy Cinnamon is also wonderful when melted on toast or bagels, baked into Danishes, crumbled in salads, melted on chicken or simply served on a cheese tray at any time of day.  Creamy Cinnamon is made with microbial rennet, so it is also suitable for vegetarians.
Pairing:  If served prior to dinner, German Riesling would make a great pairing.  Served as a desert cheese, a sweet wine like Sauternes or a Hungarian Tokaji would be sublime.
Old Forest Salami Sticks, by Black Kassel CANADA
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Perfect pairings

Black Kassel’s flower-shaped Old Forest salami is a milder style of hard sausage, making it the ideal accompaniment for a mellow, yet aromatic, cheese. Rich and luxurious in flavor, this beautiful salami is created with a lean blend of pork gently smoked over natural beech and hardwoods. It’s stuffed into a unique curvy-edged black casing and then dry-cured.
The large log slices into petal-shaped pieces that are beautiful on an antipasto or appetizer platter. Black Kassel also offers stay-fresh sliced packs of “salami flowers” as well as convenient “grab n’ go” bias-cut chubs. On the retail pack labels, Black Kassel products feature a mysterious and striking black castle image.
Tradition and flavors of Central Europe are the inspiration behind Black Kassel fine meats by Pillers. Imported from Canada, the salamis blend the tastes of two worlds – the European tradition of time-honored food preparation with today’s demands for distinctive and superior quality

Also Available:
#664501 18/4 oz. Slice Packs
#664502 8/6 oz. Chubs - pre-order only.

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