Saxonshires by Coombe Castle
Retail Wedge
Product Details: #204800 | 12/7 oz

Perfect Alignment

Coombe Castle’s Saxonshires is dairy art. Named “Saxon,” for the 5th – 6th century English settlers, and “shire,” another term for a British county, five famous regional English cheeses are stacked into a delicious and striking combination of flavor.
Double Glouceser and Red Leicester are layered between two distinctive, traditional, white Cheddars and White Cheshire for an eye-catching presentation of alternating hues. Each cheese represents a different county, arranged so every bite of Saxonshires will be a tangy sharp or sweetly mellow surprise—or both.
All five cheeses in Saxonshires are made from the highest quality pasteurized cow’s milk, have a harmonious creamy, smooth texture and are suitable for vegetarians.
Application: Ideal for cheese trays and special events, Saxonshires’ dramatic appearance offers appeal at any gathering, but is also a delightful anytime snack. Serve with crackers, fruit (especially apples) cured meats and nuts (especially walnuts) or add colorful flavor to sandwiches and salads.
Pairing: Try it with a lighter style Pinot Noir or a crisp white wine. If beer is preferred, an English Pale Ale would make a perfect accompaniment.

Application: With a natural rind, Sage Derby’s unusual, green marbling can be seen to beautiful effect and is a striking addition to any cheeseboard. Sage Derby is also well known for being versatile. It melts smoothly for sandwiches, over vegetables, is great in poultry dishes and goes well with many fruits and fruit juices, which also makes it a great breakfast cheese.
Pairing:  Try it with an English pale ale. The world famous Bass Pale Ale, produced near Derbyshire in Burton-upon-Trent, makes a good match.
Old Forest Salami by Black Kassel CANADA
Product Details: #664502 | 8/6 oz

Perfect pairings

Steeped in European tradition, Black Kassel Old Forest Salami is true to the old-world taste of superior salami while being produced in one of the finest and largest new-world facilities in North America.
Each unique flower-shaped black casing is stuffed with top-quality, lean ground pork and an enticing spice mixture, then gently smoked with secret hardwood blends before being naturally dry-cured with a legacy of practiced patience that dates back five generations.
As stunning as it is delicious, Black Kassel Old Forest Salami is great for specialty cold cut platters or cheese trays.


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