Aged Cheese with Black Pepper by Zappala ITALY
Product Details: #054058 | 1/28 lb

Aged Well in Sicily

From thousands of years of Greek, Roman, Norman and Arab conquests, to today’s status as an autonomous region of Italy, Sicily’s striking landscape has remained largely pristine. The wealth of ancient foreign influences has left a unique cultural mark on the island, patently reflected in Sicily’s historic cheeses. The leading Sicilian cheese experts at Zappala aim to protect Sicily’s distinct heritage while embracing the highest quality standards of modernity.
Formaggio Stagionato con Pepe Nero (aged cheese with black pepper) is made with pasteurized goat and sheep’s milk, taken solely from strictly regulated Sicilian farms. This complex, mixed milk cheese’s delicate richness intensifies with age and is balanced beautifully with a kick of pepper. Formaggio Stagionato con Pepe Nero has a firm, compact, straw colored interior that is adorned throughout with black peppercorns and surrounded by a golden rind ribbed with Sicily’s traditional rattan basket weave pattern. Beautiful to regard, this Sicilian specialty continues to make a tasteful impression on the world under Zappala’s protective dedication.
Application: Widely used in pasta dishes, the spicy richness also makes a great impression at the table and adds depth to a variety of culinary categories including casseroles, baked potatoes, roasted vegetables and risotto recipes.
Pairing: Try a rich red like a Primitivo from Puglia or Primitivo’s new world cousin, Zinfandel.
Red Cerignola Olives by Frutto d'Italia ITALY
Product Details: #057912 | 2/4.2 LB 

Perfect pairings

Exclusively grown in Italy’s southern, very rustic region of Puglia, the walnut-sized Cerignola olives are the largest in the world and named for their town of origin. Impressive measurements, however, are far from the Cerignola olive’s only attributes.  Distinctively attractive in deep red, these meaty, firm olives have a fruity, clean, mild flavor and are very low in calories but high in fiber. Cerignolas are sometimes referred to as “beginner” olives since their pleasant taste appeals to a large and diverse population.
Pasteurized and packed in a 3.0 – 4.0 salt content brine with no added preservatives, Red Cerignola Frutto d’Italia Olives are delicious on their own, perfect for antipasti or cocktails and of course delightful with cheese. 


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