Ubriaco Capra Prosecco by Perenzin ITALY
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Right on the Marc

Latteria Perenzin, the 4th generation, family-run company, situated in the quaint village of San Pietro di Feletto in the Veneto region of northern Italy, is world renown for their award-winning, artisanal cheeses.
The passionately creative married team, Carlo Piccoli (Perenzin’s master cheesemaker) and Emanuela Perenzin (great-granddaughter of dairy founder, Domenico Perenzin), are co-owners of Latteria Perenzin.  Carlo has over 25 years of expansive experience, which guides every cheese made at Perenzin.  His hands-on philosophy continues to find the perfect balance between ancient tradition and modern innovation with every unique Perenzin creation.
Ubriaco Capra Prosecco is a stunning, handcrafted goat cheese matured in Prosecco, one of the Veneto’s most famous wines.  The marc (grape must or skins) of the wine distinguishingly covers the thin rind of the cheese.  Inside, the semi-hard, moist, ivory-colored paste is uniformly textured with few eyes and possesses an enchantingly sweet taste with delicate Prosecco overtones.  Ubriaco Capra Prosecco finishes with a complex sweetness, elongated even further by the wine’s lovely perfume.
Exceptional and original, Capra Prosecco combines the age-old art of “drunken cheese” with a sophisticated fresh flair.
Application: A superb, elegant table cheese, Ubriaco Capra Prosecco is best enjoyed simply alone. Try with thinly sliced, crusty bread, fine water crackers, or dried fruits, fruitcakes, fruit jams and nuts that will enhance the cheese’s sweet character.
Pairing: Prosecco is of course the front-runner for pairing with the cheese, but other sparkling, non-vintage dry wines will work very well.  If you are not partial to bubblies, then try the other famed white wine of the Veneto, Pinot Grigio. 
Fig Cake with Walnuts by Don Juan SPAIN
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Perfect pairings

Fig cakes have been a prized staple of the Mediterranean diet since ancient times.  Don Juan Fig Cakes with Walnuts are 100% natural, using only the highest quality raw ingredients: Dried Figs, Walnuts, Cinnamon and Anise that come together in a well preserved harmony of sweet flavors and aromas.  Pressed into a compact terrine, Don Juan Walnut Fig Cakes are packed with great tasting energy.
Enjoy with cheese, ice cream or yogurt or crumble in salads for a delightful touch of sweetness.

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