Real Greek Feta Cups by Real Greek  GREEK
Product Details: #183019 | 12/7 oz

True Greek

This authentic Greek Feta is made with top quality milk from sheep that graze Greece’s historic northern regions of Thessaly and Macedonia. These ancient lands, the backdrop for many mythic stories, are presided over by Greece’s highest mountain, Olympus-- the fabled home of Zeus and the 11 other Olympians.

“Feta” (meaning “slice” for the process of cutting the curds into large pieces prior to salting) is believed to have been made in Greece as early as the 8th century since Homer’s cheese-making descriptions in The Odyssey clearly match Feta-making traditions. After the milk is curdled with rennet it is drained, sliced and put into cloth bags or forms to drain further, then salted and allowed to rest. Brining (aging the cheese in water or whey saturated with salt) is actually a comparatively modern production practice, devised in the late 1800’s to preserve Feta for shipping.

Rindless, pure white in color and delicately textured, this semi-soft cheese is creamy with an almost buttery feel and a slightly salty-sweet, tangy flavor. With only 2% of all Feta in the United States actually made in Greece, this P.D.O. certified cheese is one of the very few true Greek indulgences.

Application: Perfect in salads, sandwiches or as many Greeks would have it – simply drizzled with olive oil and served any time of the day, authentic Feta is delicious in a span of uses. Great for faro and pasta dishes, bake it into chicken, broil it in tomatoes, or stuff it into Spanakopita.

Pairing: As a contrast to the salty-sweet flavors, a dry Italian Pinot Grigio works particularly well. For a red wine, a crisp fruity Beaujolais is an excellent choice.
Calabrese Chili Pepper by Frutto d'Italia ITALY
Product Details: #050247 | 2/5.7 Lb

Perfect pairings

These red chili peppers are direct from the heart of the Calabria region of Italy, where they are commonly referred to as Italian Peperoncino, Italian Chili Pepper or Capsicum Frutescens. Located in southern Italy, the sunny and warm climate creates a rich terrain, perfect for growing this pleasantly sharp delicacy. Each of these rich red peppers has a distinct pallet simulating flavor. Packed in an oil marinade, infused with Italian herbs and spices, Calabrese Peppers add the perfect amount of piquant flavor to enliven any dish.

Application: Hot Calabrese Peppers are an ideal ingredient in tomato sauces for pasta and in many Mediterranean meat and fish dishes. For a stronger hot and spicy flavor, they can also be used in pieces directly on first courses.

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