Canadian Brie by Eiffel Tower CANADA
Product Details: #060940 | 1/2.2 lb

It's Meant to Brie


French colonization introduced Brie to Canada somewhere in the early 17th century.  However, stories of this cheese’s elegant perfection causing a fervent, persistent desire, beyond its small-town of origin, were well drawn since the 8th century account of Charlemangne’s town-crippling, annual Brie export order.
The Eiffel Tower, Paris’s tallest structure and the most visited paid monument in the world, patently expresses “The Queen of Cheese’s” prized taste, fully realized in this creamy, luscious Canadian Brie.
Within the velvety white, edible rind, Eiffel Tower Canadian Brie is a double cream made from pasteurized cow’s milk with a minimum butterfat content of 60%.  The extra cream and higher moisture content deliver an interior so smooth and buttery, it’s clear why Brie is destined to seduce– and why, from the earliest Canadians onward, there has been a mission to perfect the production of Brie outside France.
*Eiffel Tower Canadian Brie is also Tablet K kosher.

Application: A favorite dessert cheese, Eiffel Tower Brie pairs wonderfully with tart fruits, nuts and crusty bread, and makes an exquisite and delicious presentation when topped with a thin layer of fruit jam, especially pear.  Brie is easy to spread and melts beautifully to add richness to sauces, quiches or to fill baked phyllo dough.  Soft and mild in flavor, Eiffel Tower Canadian Brie appeals to a wide palate range and is excellent for informal snacking to sophisticated parties and everything in between.
Pairing: Beautiful with a red Bordeax, Burgundy or Côte-du-Rhône but to most the ideal pairing is a quality Champagne.

Salsa Fragola by MENU ITALY
Product Details: #057530 | 6/16 oz

Perfect pairings

Made with plump, wild strawberries and authentic Modena balsamic vinegar, Salsa Fragola from MENU is a thick, rich, delightfully aromatic sauce with a deep red color.  The harmonious combination of sweet and sour tastes works equally well with soft or hard cheeses. 

Salsa Fragola is also a great spread for sandwiches, an excellent dessert topping for ice creams, crepes, and panna cotta and makes a delicious veggie dip or side dish with boiled meats and poultry.

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