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The Sweeter Side of Cheese
Here is an accompaniment that is so easy and yet so elegant – our new Plum Spread from Dalmatia®. Paired with a variety of cheeses, it is a lovely balance between sweet and salty. This traditional recipe is sweetened only by the natural sugar of these sun-ripened plums from the Pannonian Valley in East-Central Europe near the Balkans. Sample these pairings and you will be sure to be serving this on your next cheese board this summer.
Item # 481337 12/8.5oz
Famously GoodTM.
Original Goat Cheese 
Made with 100% pure goat’s milk, this cheese is both creamy and fresh while boasting a mild, tangy flavor. Served deliciously spreadable or cool and crumbled, our plain goat cheese has a clean finish you’re sure to enjoy.
ITEM # 063072 
Packaging: 12/4.5 oz
Country: CANADA
Type: Semi-soft 
Milk Type: GOAT
Tangy, fresh goat cheese balances the delicate sweetness of the plum's flavor. 

Deliciously mild & sweet
MENU Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar Sauce
Mifroma,Swiss Emmentaler AOC 
Emmentaler AOC has a deliciously mild, sweet and slightly nutty flavor. This exceptional cheese carries the AOC label, as it is a unique product of controlled origin. Only 200 village dairies, located in the picturesque valley of the river Emme, are authorized to make Swiss Emmentaler cheese, which is crafted to a strict set of time honored methods. 
ITEM # 011085  Available in various sizes.

A French Favorite-
Comté, St. Antoine 
Made with raw milk from the Montbéliarde breed of cow, the production of Comté A.O.C. is meticulously controlled. One of France’s most popular cheeses, Comté is aged between 10-14 months, and features a semi-firm texture with a luxurious, buttery and nutty taste.

# ITEM 353839 1/18.5  LB 

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