Mahon 3-Month by Don Juan SPAIN
Product Details: #563013 | 2/8 lb

Island Cheese

Tranquil beaches, quaint villages, beautiful coastlines, and of course Mahón, the island’s famous cheese, are just a few characteristics that draw people to Menorca, the second largest and most northerly of the Balearics in the Mediterranean Sea. Mahón is distinctly Menorcan and one of the few cow’s milk cheeses of Spain.
Proudly named for the capital of Menorca, Mahón is Spain’s most popular cheese after Manchego and has achieved PDO status. Mahón’s traditional “cushion” shape is begot from knotting and twisting together the corners of the cheesecloth in which Mahón is formed.  After a few days of aging the cheese is taken to Menorcan caves to ripen for at least 60 days under the ever-watchful care of expert Affineurs.
At three months, Mahón’s rind, having been rubbed with butter, oil and paprika, has turned a distinct yellowish-orange and its ivory paste is soft and smooth. Mahón’s bold, slightly salty, lemon-spicy flavor and fruity aroma is the mark of true Menorcan uniqueness.
Documentation has been found citing Menorca’s cheese-making tradition as far back as the 13th century. These Island cheese-making traditions remain stronger than ever and most likely tastier too.
Application: Very versatile, Mahón is great for entertaining or elevating sandwiches, salads, rice and pasta dishes. Its most traditional preparation is as an appetizer, drizzled with olive oil and served with a sprig of fresh rosemary. 
Pairing: Madeira and Tempranillo pair well with Mahón.
Apricot & Pistachio Fruit Pyramid by VPC AUSTRALIA
Product Details: #217849 | 12/2.6 oz

Perfect pairings

Each award-winning, handmade Valley Produce Company fruit pyramid contains over one pound of reduced fruit and has a 15-month shelf life. VPC Fruit Pyramids require no refrigeration, even after opening, and will last in ambient temperatures as long as their date code. 

The pyramid also features no added colors of flavors, and all pyramid varieties are wheat and gluten-free. With a soft but firm texture, VPC Fruit Pyramids are easy to spread and enjoy. 

VPC's Apricot & Pistachio Fruit Pyramid is made with fully ripened apricots that are pureed and slow-cooked in small batches. Crushed pistachio kernels are added for delicious flavor, color and texture. A wonderful pairing with Brie or blue cheeses! Join our social networks!
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