Pecorino Crotonese by Zerto ITALY
Product Details: #059761 | 4/4 lb

Ancient Mezzogiorno Tradition 

Pecorino Crotonese is named after Crotone, the ancient, Mediterranean seaside village situated in the Calabria “toe” region of Italy’s boot.   This pure sheep’s milk cheese is known for holding the desired ewe’s milk sharpness within a lovely mild, nutty sweetness that is less salty in flavor when compared to a Pecorino Romano. 
Each four-pound Zerto Pecorino Crotonese is beautifully formed in woven molds that are responsible for creating the traditional crosshatch pattern on the rind.  The rind also maintains a slightly oily surface due to the natural oils present in ewe’s milk.
Calabria is one of Italy’s oldest regions with landmarks dating back to ancient Greek ruins.  Its unique, southern Italian cultural heritage is heartily reflected in the delightful tangy richness of Zerto Pecorino Crotonese.  In respect for the traditional preparation and land this Pecorino is an eco-sustainable cheese made with energy efficient processes that ensure a positive impact on the environment.
Application: Zerto Pecorino Crotonese’s pleasant but distinct taste makes it an excellent cheese for shredding and grating over a large bowl of pasta.  It can stand alone or with a drizzle with Balsamic vinegar and is ideal to add to your next antipasti. 
Pairing: Although sometimes hard to find, a Calabrian red wine would be a perfect match or easier to come by, try a Sicilian Nero d’Avola. 

Olive Paste by Carli ITALY
Product Details: #057885 | 4/4.6 oz

Perfect pairings

For over 100 years Fratelli Carli has been dedicated to delivering the best quality and best tasting Italian products imaginable. 
Fratelli Carli's Pâté di Olive is a delicious specialty, also known as tapenade, made with carefully ripened olives and extra virgin olive oil that are puréed to a fine, smooth paste with a clean and pure olive flavor.
Carli Olive Paste is ideal for spreading on toast, crusty bread and crackers, as an accompaniment to cheese or a condiment for vegetables, fish or meat and will add wonderful flavor to many meat or pasta dishes. 

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