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Servilleta: A rustic, unique cheese we love
Servilleta means "handkerchief" in Spanish. It’s an ancient cheese--one of the first ever crafted by shepherds from the milk of their goats--and it’s made today in much the same way that it has been for countless generations. The cheesemaker folds her curd into a handkerchief, then ties the four corners together in the center of the cheese, giving it a unique shape.
Servilleta is a semi-soft cheese, crafted with fresh springtime goat’s milk and briefly brined to maintain a subtle sweetness. The cheese is creamy, lovely, and not too “goaty.” We love it paired with fresh fruits, Ibérico ham, and olive oil; or served for dessert with quince paste. It also melts beautifully in gratins.
Item #: 563772  |  2/3.3 LB
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