The “New” Ancient Grain on the Block
Farro, although famously known and consumed throughout Italy for thousands of years, is just now starting to make waves in the U.S. market as consumers are learning more about the hearty grain.

According to Mintel, “MMI expansion data has noted an 11% increase in menu mentions for farro.” Sometimes referred to as “the new quinoa," farro is exceptionally versatile and serves as the perfect substitute for brown rice, buckwheat, barley and spelt with the perks of providing more protein, fiber, iron, and zinc."  In fact, farro can even be incorporated into soups, salads, and desserts, pairing well with olive oil, fruits, and vegetables. It is also commonly used to produce semolina, a soft yellow flour used to make homemade pasta and couscous! 

Atalanta offers multiple varieties of the trending grain, including traditional Agribosco Farro (053925, 2/11 lb., 053957, 12/1 lb., 051094, 1/25 lb.). De Medici also offers Campanini Farro (H1740, 12/1 lb.). Visit our website for the entire line: www.atalantacorp.com

Source: Mintel- Healthy Dining Trends-US-March 2017
An Ancient Wheat for Modern Meals 
Ancient wheats have attracted interest from a broad U.S. demographic, especially millennials. While grain bowls are trendy in more upscale eateries, farro also is starting to appear on mainstream fast-food menus — and trend data predict farro’s market penetration in foodservice, particularly in fine dining, is expected to increase significantly in the next four years. 

Source: Carrie Dennett from Food&Nutrition.  Read More: foodandnutrition.org
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