Plain Gruyere by Tiger SWITZERLAND
Product Details: #030914 12/14 oz

Tiger's Anytime, Anywhere Gruyere

With no additives, 70 calories and no refrigeration required, Swiss made Tiger Gruyere is an excellent cheese for on-the-go lifestyles, but equally delicious when enjoyed leisurely or for entertaining.  Each petite, individually portioned wedge is made with the finest raw materials and comes in an easy-to-open, brightly colored foil wrapping that is both practical and fun.
Tiger Gruyere’s firm texture better maintains the integrity of its shape for transport while delivering a delightfully smooth mouth-feel and a pleasant, full-flavored nuttiness.
 Applications: Perfect for grab-and-go moments, serving at parties or as a snack.  Tiger Gruyere’s attractive packaging and long, shelf-stabilized life also makes it a perfect addition to gift baskets.
Pairing: Remarkably versatile to pair, Gruyere goes well with a number of white and red wines. Great pairings would be Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.  Avoid high alcohol New World reds like Zinfandel and Shiraz that would be overpowering.
Classic Artisan Breadsticks by Torino ITALY
Product Details: #050716 | 12/5.3 oz

Perfect pairings

In Ligurian dialect, the word “brichetti” (pronounced bri-KEH-tee) means “matches.” While these grissini style breadsticks may vaguely resemble matches for their long slender shape, their flavor is far more interesting. Brichetti have an extremely fine texture; while they exhibit the classic breadstick crunch, they are also light and delicate so that they break into crumbs. The ingredients that make up these breadsticks are characteristic of the Riviera: grain (wheat), corn, olive oil and sea salt.

An Italian cuisine classic, Torino Classic Thin Breadsticks are perfect for pairing with your favorite pasta dish, with dips or enjoying on their own. Made in Italy, these tasty breadsticks are sure to complement a number of your favorite foods.

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